The Escapists Apk 1.10.681181 Download Latest Version 2022

The Escapists Apk 2022: Friends, we all have heard and seen many stories of the thief police. And this story seems very breathtaking.

Today we are going to talk about a similar game in this tutorial. Whose story revolves around prison and police.

Friends, we all know that a prison is a terrible place. And here is the place to keep criminals. But sometimes innocent people also reach here. Now you will know how exciting the game can be for you.

Friends, you too can easily download it to your device. For this, you have to follow the instructions given below so that you do not have to face any problem downloading it.

Our education in this game will prove to be very useful for you so that you can get to know the game better along with the features of the game.

Now you need to read the tutorial and download this better game to your device and enjoy it.

The Escapists Apk v1.10.681181 Latest Version

The Escapists Apk v1.1.5

Friends, if you have seen the series Prison Break on Paul Styring’s FOX TV channel, then you will understand a lot about the game very quickly.

Like this TV story if you are an innocent person and you are wrongly accused of murder and sent to prison. Now you have to escape.

The game’s story begins as follows. Let me tell you, and Tim 17 Digital Limited has developed this great game. And while The Escapists Apk became very popular, The Escapists Apk-2 was also released.

In the game, the player is imprisoned in the world’s most harsh prison. And in this prison, you also find the enemy who reaches here.

These are the people who first wanted to meet you in the city of gangsters. And you are sentenced to death in the game.

Now you have to find a way to prevent this. Your fat sentence should not apply before this. And you have to avoid yourself.

Let me tell you that this is a TV game. It is challenging to prevent yourself from sports.

Let me tell you that the game also becomes exciting because you have to follow the rules of many here while staying in prison. And here you have to do many types of work as a player.

Such as cooking, eating rice, labor, etc. You also find many strongmen in murder and sent to prison, and among them, you have to find different ways to escape from here.

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The Escapists 2 Apk

The Escapists 2 Apk

The prison break pocket breakout in Escapists 2 is a lengthy process and is carefully designed for the player. In the game, the player first tries to be in prison. And here too many hard rules have to be followed. In this, the player also has to record his presence.

In the game, the player also has to find a way to escape from this place of work. For this, the player can also talk to Prisoners. The guard also has to run when the player runs away from here.

Escapist 2 Pocket Breakout offers a real-life, risky escape from prison. The player gets to see one of the games’ most extensive and most diverse prison systems.

The game has eight types of prison systems designed. From the Perk prison to small systems, naughty are strict security guards for criminals. Also, the player has to face all those numerous rooms, terraces, vents, and underground tunnels to escape from here.

So that someone can find a safe way to escape from here, and protect yourself. After escaping from here, the player is confronted with several incompatible systems with radar in prison. On the other hand, the player also has to face several weapons off guard.

The player can be removed from here by beating all these necks, or by beating them, or bribing them. Similarly, the game gradually becomes very thrilled.

Experience prison life

The Escapists Game

In the game, the player has to stay in prison and stay here, with prison experience and do the work assigned to him. And the player can also get a bonus here. In this, the player has to participate in many missions here.

Here, along with earning money, one has to make good relations with the prisoner. And the work done here has to be completed.

The player has to form a group of 4 people through their relationships while in prison.

Plan to go here with your skilled Tim and work on it together. You have to save time here. In addition to participating in healthy activities in prison, one has to take time to find a way to escape from prison.

You also have to work on a plan to find doors, roofs, and secret tunnels here. With which you go one step further to win.

Useful items are found in the game, and you have to steal them to make the necessary equipment to escape from here. And you have to take care that you do not catch them cheating. Otherwise, you will lose it all.

Collect Four Players And Make A Tim

When you, as a player, understand all the essential factors. So it becomes easier to plan to escape from prison. And to escape from here, three other players are served with him as the prisoner.

Those things are made in a prison that helps you escape from here. And they have to hide elements from others. As mentioned above, the free time between playing and playing the game is helpful.

Building a good relationship in the game will help you with other prisoner elders. When the time is convenient, you can run quietly.

The object you create will contribute to creating a secret path. On the other hand, you can surrender secretly to correctional officers. Also, we have to avoid humming.

Best Pixel Graphics

This version of the game and Escapists 2 use very advanced graphics. You have to find ten prisons in maps and games. And also you do not have to build the other elements.

For example, Kogar, Railroad. A train mobile has all kinds of activities in a sturdy mobile iron box which is unique in a way.

And likewise, the majority of the game is entertaining and comes with much better graphics. You can create a better character based on your preference from the very beginning, which is very fun.

However, the visual impact of the game and the life of the characters in the game are remarkable. To describe the experience of the prison has been done very delicately.

File Information The Escapists Apk

The Escapists Apk  2

GameThe Escapists Apk 2
DeveloperTeam 17 Digital Limited
Size60 MB
Requires Android5.0 And up


How To Download The Escapists Apk?

Download The Escapists Apk

Friends The Escapists Apk is very easy. For this, you do not need to follow any complicated procedure. Only by following some easy instructions given below, you can download it on your device. Follow these instructions and download them to your device. And play the game on your device.

  1. Open the Play Store available on your device
  2. Search the search bar by typing The Escapists Game
  3. Click the icon at the top of the result that appears.
  4. Now it starts downloading on your device
  5. You have to click on OK to install the downloading process
  6. It fits in your device in a few seconds
  7. Now you will see its icon on the screen of the invention, click on it and use it

Follow this natural process and download it to your device and enjoy The Escapists Apk.


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