Rooted Phone -How To Root Your Phone? And Rooted Phone Benefits

Today we will tell you about the Rooted Phone, how you can root your phone. Rooting the phone means unlocking all the features of the phone and taking advantage of the unlimited features of the phone.

Let us tell you that along with the advantages of rooting a phone, there are some disadvantages as well. Which is very important for you to know about.

In today’s article how to root the phone and what are the advantages and disadvantages of rooting the phone. Will follow all those points closely. Also, we will talk about those rooting methods that make your phone better by rooting.

What is a Rooted Phone?

Rooted Phone

In this article, we will tell you about such a technique of rooting the phone, which you probably did not know about already. If you already know anything about Rooted Phone, then you must have come to know about it by now.

But if you do not know about rooting technology or you do not remember to use it on your phone, then I will tell you about all the root methods which are necessary and safe to root a phone.

Whenever we buy a new Android mobile, we can use the same features of that phone as the features are given to us by the phone company. Because Android phones are developed in this way by the phone manufacturer. The user is aware of using the phone up to a limit.

As friends tell you there are many such applications on our phone, which are of no use to you. Which you can neither remove nor uninstall. All these apps also increase the memory of your android phone.

For this, we use the Rooted Phone Method. Also, there are many such features of the phone which can be easily unlocked by rooting the phone.

You will be surprised to know that Android Rooting is such a technique with the help of which you can easily remove all kinds of unnecessary data from your phone without using any company.

What can you do with a rooted phone?

By rooting your Android, you can easily remove all kinds of applications that have greatly reduced the performance of your phone or taken up too much space in your memory.

After rooting you can easily make you are compatible with all Android Operating Systems (OS) like Android 2.3 and higher+.

After rooting the device, you can completely change the layout of your phone easily.

If your phone is frequently full of storage, then you can make it bigger by rooting the free internal storage.

After rooting Android users can install any custom ROM of their choice on their phone.

After rooting, the user can improve the performance of Android and make the battery life of the phone even better than before.

By rooting the phone, users can easily remove the pre-installed bloatware, blogs, and all kinds of ads that appear on the device.

After rooting the device, you can install and use any restricted apps and other advanced apps on your phone.

Android developers have also included many new beta updates in Android. Which is completely free to use on Android after rooting.

You can root the phone of any company from it, be it Vivo, Oppo, or Samsung.

Phone Rooting Loss:-

The root has many benefits, but it can also do you some harm. We want to tell you about this. Rooting the phone is not always right, it also has some disadvantages like-

1. If your phone is under warranty, it may void your phone’s warranty, as none of the companies allow their phone to be rooted.
2. If you root the phone’s security apps from the phone, then there is a possibility of a virus in your phone.
3. After rooting an app will be automatically installed on your phone and you will not even know.
4. If you do not root the phone properly then after rooting, your phone will hang sometimes and your phone may turn off at all.

How To Root Your Phone?

Let us tell you that there are hundreds of methods available to root your phone but we will suggest you some methods. And of course, this rooting method is very effective for your phone.

If you have a PC and you want to root your phone using your PC then we will give the method of rooting from PC. If you don’t have a PC then don’t worry we have some methods which are compatible with root mobile without a PC.

Preparation before rooted the phone:-

  • Back-Up All The Files On Your Device
  • Keep The Device’s Battery Level At Least 50%
  • Disable Fast Boot On The Device
  • Ensure Internet Connection, If Possible, Connected To WiFi
  • Allow Installation Of Unknown Source Apps On The Device

How to Root your phone without using the PC?

If you want to root your smartphone without a PC. So let us tell you that there are many ways to root the phone without a PC.

But here we will tell you a method that works for rooting most Android phones and this method is very easy and safe even for a non-technical person.

Root Your Phone With Kingroot:-

In this method, we will root android using Kingroot Apk. Let us tell you that this app is one of the best rooting applications. If you want to root your phone without a PC then follow the steps given below:-

Root Your Phone With Kingroot

1- First of all, download the Kingroot application on your Android using the following link:- [Download Kingroot Application]

2- After downloading the app, you follow some general guidelines and after downloading the application, you install it on your phone.

3- Install the app, then open it on your phone and now, click on the “TRY IT” button.

4- After clicking, you can see the “ROOT” Android logo in the app’s interface, just click on it.

5- Click on this, the rooting process starts in your device. You will have to wait for some time during the rooting process.

6- You will receive a notification like “Your device has been successfully rooted” by the Kingroot app in no time.

Using Some Other Methods:- Rooting Android Without PC

This is an easy and safe way to root your phone without a PC using this method.`

How to Root your phone using pc?

Friends if you have a PC. If you want to root your mobile using a PC or if the mobile rooting method is not working for you then you can use this PC method to root your phone properly. For this follow the below steps for you:

Root your phone with PC:-

Root your phone with PC

1- First of all, you have to download the “KingoRoot PC Version” software on your PC and install the app.
[Download Kingorot for PC software]

2- Before rooting your phone, you must enable “Developer Options” on your phone.

3- Go to Phone Settings >> About Phone >> Tap on “Built Options” for 5 to 8 times >> Go Back Now >> Tap on “Developer Options” >> Now Enable USB Debugging. And follow the given rules.

4- Now you have to connect your Android phone to your computer or laptop (which is available with you) using a USB cable.

5- Open Kingoroot on your PC and connect your phone. (When you connect your phone to PC, you get a pop-up message on your phone, you tap on “OK” appears in it.)

6- Now click on the “Root Now” button. In this way, the rooting of your phone gets started.

7- The rooting process may take some time to complete. “About 10 minutes” Do not do any work on your phone at this time.

8- After the phone is fully rooted, your phone reboots automatically. And the screen of the phone appears in a different form and Rooted Phone.

In this way, you can successfully root your phone through a computer or laptop by following the given steps.

How To Check If Phone Is Rooted Or Not

You can very easily check whether your Android is rooted or not after rooting your Android or before rooting.

You can use the Root Checker app to check the root status of your phone. Which is a reliable application. You can easily use this app on your Android by using the steps given below.

download 1

1 First of all, you have to easily install this app on your device by downloading it from the given download link. [Download Root Checker App]

2Open the Root checker app on your Android.

3– Click on “Check Root Position” shown here and proceed.

4– This app starts analyzing your device immediately. It takes some time. In a while, a new screen appears in front of you. Which shows up as the rooting status result of your device.

5– You see two types of results on the screen you see. which contains the state of the rooted device.

6– If the rooting process is done correctly, the message “Rooting process complete” appears on the screen.

7– The message “Rooting process incomplete” appears on the screen. And it shows (Rooted Phone) the errors made during rooting.


Friends, this article completes your knowledge related to Android Rooting. In this article, all the points related to the Rooted Phone have been focused on. From which you would have got more and more information.

I wish you got your answer on how to root your phone,

If still, you face any problem in rooting your device then please let us know in below comment box so that I can solve your rooting problem as soon as possible. If you want to know more about rooting, then see more articles on our website.

Thank you.

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