How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Android Tablet?

Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.10.1 (Root Android 4.1.2, TouchWiz UX UI) 2022:- Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Available in all variants Samsung Tab 3 is one of the best tablets which is loved by Android users too.

It was officially released to the users in 2013. It is one of the top fellowship Android devices from Samsung. After the launch, it was highly appreciated by the users. Talking about the better features of Galaxy Tab 3:-

About Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: Marvell PXA986 Processor, 7.0″ There’s a large 600×1024 pixels display, 3MP (720p) camera, 1GB of RAM, and a 4000mAh Li-ion battery.

But in spite of all these features, users of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 feel the need to root their smartphones due to various reasons.

If you also want to easily access many extra features of the phone by rooting Samsung Tab 3 Android 4.1.2 and unlock all infinite features of your Tab 3.

So in this tutorial, how to root Samsung Tab 3 Safely; With all these things in mind, we bring you a simple step-by-step guide to root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 successfully. so let’s start now.

3 Easy Way To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (Android 4.1.2)

Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Today in this article we will go through some easy and safe ways to root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and flash custom recovery on it. By rooting your Galaxy Tab 3, you can unlock many of the tab’s features and reap a host of benefits.

After rooting Tab 3, you will get administrative rights on your Tab as well as various customizations that we normally cannot do on an unrooted device.

Before rooting your tab you should know about its advantages and disadvantages which are as follows.

Advantages of Galaxy Tab 3 Rooting:-

You can download various mod apps and games on your Android for free after rooting your Galaxy Tab 3.

You can easily install custom ROM on your smartphone.

Also, you can easily customize the range of your Tab 3 and update Old Version.

Make your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 battery life better than ever.

Easily install/uninstall all kinds of specified and required apps from Tab 3.

And any more

Disadvantages of Galaxy Tablet 3 Rooting:-

The biggest disadvantage of Samsung Tab 3 root is that once you have rooted your device, the company warranty of your phone may be void.

If you do not follow the correct or correct rooting guidelines, your device may fail.

Phone manufacturers only make phone updates available on unrooted devices, so you won’t receive any new company updates once your phone is rooted.


Dear user, we would like to inform you that rooting your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 will void its existing company warranty. Rooting is the process in which we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your device if anything goes wrong. You are kindly requested to follow all the given steps to root your device carefully and proceed at your own risk to root your device.

Preparation Before Rooting:-

Before starting the rooting process make sure that your Tab 3 battery is more than 60 to 80% charged.

Before starting the rooting process on the Tablet, back up all your important data on the phone and sd card.

Now enable the developer option in your device. For this go to Phone Settings > About phone > Software info > Build number and click on it at least 5 or 8 times, by doing this you are informed by a message “You are a developer”.

Now enable the USB debugging option, for this go to Settings>Developer options and enable USB debugging, and click on Next.

Useful Guide To Root Samsung Version:-

Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Using Odin 

By following the directions on this web page, you can easily root Galaxy Tab 3 with the ID created using the Odin application on your Windows computer.

Steps To Flash a Custom Recovery On The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

1:- First of all download and install Samsung Mobile Driver on your PC or Laptop.

2:- Download the root package on your PC/Laptop. After downloading the package, you need to open it on your PC.

3:- Now turn off your smart device.

Booting The Device In Download Mode:-

  • Rooting Tab 3 requires flashing of TWRP. For this, we need to boot the device in Download mode. To do this, take a full backup of your device and turn off the device. Then simultaneously press the Power + Volume Down + Home buttons on the device at the same time. After a few seconds you should be able to see the following screen on the device:

Samsung Tab Download Mode

  • Now press the Volume Up button to put the device into Download Mode, your device’s screen is in Download Mode as shown in the picture:

Download Mode

  • Now connect the device to the computer with the USB cable and wait for few minutes until it has installed all the drivers in your device.
  • Once your device is connected to the computer, the Odin application automatically recognizes the device. And you will see the message added in the log area.

Odin application Root Samsung

  • Now click on the visible “AP” button (also known as PDA) and add the CF-Auto-Root.tar file.

Root Samsung CF-Auto-Root.tar file

  • Click on the Start button to start the rooting process of the device.
  • After the process of rooting the device is completed, you see a green box with a pass message.

Root Samsung Device

  • Now, completely disconnect your Samsung device from the computer and restart the device.
  • After completion of this process your device is rooted, you can also verify the root of your device by installing the SuperSU app or Root checker app on your smart device.

Root Galaxy Tab 3 Using KingoRoot Pc

KingoRoot is a very effective rooting tool. Users can easily root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 using this app on their PC or laptop by following some general instructions.

The available guidelines are displayed here to root your smartphone. You can root Tab 3 by following these instructions step by step.

1. Download And Install Kingo Root (PC Version) On PC:- As we all know that Kingo Root is the best one-click Android root software. You can download it on your PC from the link given here. After the download process is complete, install Kingo Root on PC. [DOWNLOAD KINGOROOT PC

2. Launch Kingo Root On PC:- After the app PC is installed, it appears as an icon to you. Launch it by double-clicking on this icon of Kingo Root. You will see it as shown in the picture below.

Kingo Root Apk

3. Now Plug Your Galaxy Tab 3 Into Your Computer Via USB Cable:- Let us tell you that the special thing about which app is that if the USB driver of your smartphone is not installed on your computer, then Kingo Root automatically installs it easily. You have to make sure that your PC has an internet connection available.

Now plug your Galaxy into your computer via USB cable:

If you are using Windows 8 on your PC, you may need to change some settings on your PC. In this, you have to fix the driver installation looping.

4. Now Enable USB Debugging Mode On Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3:- Let us tell you that enabling USB debugging mode in the Android rooting process is one of the most essential steps in the rooting process. Which you can see in the picture below.

5. Read The Notification On Your Smartphone Carefully:- Rooting Galaxy Tab 3 is not a big deal. Before rooting your device, first of all, read the notification that appears on the screen. Which is very important for your phone.

Root Samsung Galaxy

6. Click On The “Root” Button:-With Kingo Root you can root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 easily. It will take you few minutes. Click on the “Root Button” that appears on the screen. Your device may be rebooted multiple times during the root process. Don’t worry, after the rooting process is finished, your phone restarts normally.

Root Samsung Galaxy

Note:- Do not touch, move, unplug or do any operation on your phone during the rooting process.

7. Root is Successful:- After the rooting process is completely completed, a “Root Successfully” message is displayed on your screen. Now you can proceed to the next rooting step.

8. Check The Original Status Of  Your Galaxy No:-You will be able to install the app named “SuperUser” on your device only after successful rooting. Which shows the root status of your Tab.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Without Computer?

Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 With TowelRoot

Root Galaxy Tab 3 Without PC Using TowelRoot:- We will talk about another way to root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 which is widely used today to root Android. In this method, you will use TowelRoot to root your Galaxy Tab 3.

Rooting your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with TowelRoot does not require a computer. Using this, you can easily root your device in a secure way.

Let’s root Tab 3 using TowelRoot:-

  • Download the TowelRoot app to your Tab 3 from the link given here. [Download TowelRoot]
  • Once downloaded, on your phone, go to Phone Settings >> Security >> Unknown sources and click on the Unknown sources option to enable it.

Root Galaxy with Towelroot

  • Now install by clicking on the file of the downloaded Towelroot app.

Root Galaxy with Towelroot

  • After Towelroot is installed on Tab 3 launch it on the home screen of the phone.
  • After the launch of the app, the option of “make it ra1n” is seen on the screen in the interface of Towelroot. Tap on the “make it ra1n” option to root your Note9.

Root Galaxy with Towelroot

  • Tapping on “Make it ra1n” starts the rooting process on your device. Which is completed in few minutes. After the rooting process is completed, your phone will reboot. Your phone is completely rooted as soon as the phone reboots.

Root Galaxy with Towelroot

  • Friends, let us tell you that you have to install Super SU on the phone because Towelroot roots your Galaxy Tab 3. You can download Super SU from Google Play Store.


Friends, this article completes your knowledge related to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Root. This article focuses on all the points related to Galaxy Tab 3 Root. So that you will get more and more information.

I wish you got your answer on how to root your phone,

If however, you face any problem in rooting your device then please let us know in below comment box so that I can solve your rooting problem as soon as possible. If you want to learn more about rooting, check out more articles on our website.

Thank you.

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