Root Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge: Fully Customize Your Device

Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Verizon 2022:- Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were launched in March 2016 by the Korean smartphone giant with many improved features.

Samsung has certainly put a lot of effort into making its new devices better and the results of their hard work can be seen in both these smartphones.

Both these smartphone devices are highly appreciated by Samsung lovers due to their superior features and smartphone users have made a different impression.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge come with 4GB of RAM with better features. And it operates with the Exynos 8890 in the USA, And let us tell you that these Galaxy duos have Snapdragon 820 SoC,

However, let us tell you the Galaxy avid readers that today in this article we will show you an effective way to your favorite device Samsung Galaxy S7 Root. 

This helps you to easily flash custom ROMs on your Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and make your smartphone more useful.

Let us see one by one how to root Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge 2022:-

How To Root Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge On Android Oreo/Nougat/Marshmallow?

Root Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Root:- Let us tell you that when you root your smartphone, you make your device more powerful than before. After Galaxy s7 root you can enjoy many powerful apps as well as significantly improve the battery life of the device, install custom ROMs. Together you can improve many more.

But before rooting Galaxy S7/S7 Edge you need some rooting guidance which you can see in this tutorial

Preparation of Rooting Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

All you Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge lovers have to agree to the following conditions before rooting your phone.

  1. Before rooting your galaxy s7, back up all the data you need available in the device, as rooting can erase your data. If you make mistake during rooting.
  2. Your device must be at least 80% charging for the rooting process to be successful. Because turning off the device during the rooting process blocks the rooting process.
  3. If you root your Galaxy from the computer, then you must already have a computer.
  4. Make sure you have disabled Secure Boot in Settings > Lock Screen on your smartphone.
  5. Install required USB drivers to root Samsung galaxy s7 and edge 7.
  6. On your phone, you need to disable Developer Options for this you go to Settings > About phone > Tap on Developer options at least five times to enable it.
  7. Uncover OEM in your Developer Options.
  8. Now to enable USB debugging on your smartphone, navigate to Menu > Settings > Applications and tap on Develo1per Options to enable USB debugging.
Useful Guide To Root Samsung:-

METHOD 1: Root Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Using CF-Auto-Root

Friends, you can use CF Auto Root to Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S7. It is a reliable rooting application. To root your smartphone, you can follow the instructions given below.

STEP 1:- Turn On OEM Unlock

Turn on OEM Unlock To root the device, you have to first enable OEM Unlock through the device’s Settings > Developer Options > OEM Unlock.

OEM Unlock

STEP 2:- Convert The Phone To Download Mode

Now turn off your Samsung Galaxy S7, then press and hold the (Home + Power button + Volume Down button) on the phone for a few seconds to enter the download mode. Wait until you see a warning on the screen of the phone, or your phone will go into download mode.

warning screendownload mode, press the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons











STEP 3:- Download CF-Auto-Root

You can download CF-Auto-Root from the given link [DOWNLOAD CF-AUTO-ROOT]

To Root Samsung galaxy s7 edge and Samsung s7 get the tool cf auto root key file. You have to search for a phone model like SM-G930* to download CF-Auto-Root for Samsung Galaxy S7 on Nougat/Marshmallow.

Install CF-Auto-Root and Recovery Files on Samsung Devices

Now after completing the CF-Auto-Root file downloading process, extract the root package and expand “.tar.md5”. Proceed to complete the rooting process.

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STEP 4:- Rooting Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Require Odin So Download Odin On Your PC.

To root Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge s7 ROM flashing tool, download Odin to your PC and then unzip the downloaded Odin file on your PC and proceed to the next step.

STEP 5:- Here You Have To Run Odin As An Administrator

Right-click on Odin.exe visible here and click Run it as administrator. Now, all you need to do is to connect your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge to your PC via USB while in download mode.

To Run Odin As An Administrator

STEP 6:- Root For Galaxy S7 Or Galaxy S7 Edge With Odin

This will show you a message saying “Added!” Your Galaxy S7 successfully connects to your computer in Odin. If unfortunately, your smartphone does not connect to a PC then you can reconnect it to another USB port.

connected to the computer, the Odin application automatically

Select the “AP or PDA” button you see after the connection is complete, and then proceed by selecting the extracted file “.tar.md5” in the downloaded file of CF-Auto-Root. Now Odin automatically selects the Auto Reboot and F-Reset provided by Chainfire for your device. All you have to do is click on Start that appears.

start rooting process

Now you have to wait for some time for the rooting process. Now you see that PASS turns green with ID: COM at the end. Now your device reboots in recovery mode. You don’t have to disconnect your Galaxy S7 until you don’t see the home screen after in recovery mode.

rooting the device is complete
In this way, the entire process of rooting your Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge is completed with the help of Odin or cf auto root.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Without PC?

Friends, there are some such rooting applications available, using which you can Root Samsung S7 and edge S7 Without a PC.

You can easily install these all apps on your device from the link given on this web page. All these rooting apps are quite reliable. You can feel free to use it. Provided you have good knowledge of rooting

You can read This tutorial (What is Rooting) to know your rooting-related questions

METHOD 2: Root Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Using KingRoot

If you want to Root Samsung Galaxy S7 And Edge S7 Without PC, then you can use Kingroot Apk.

Let us tell you that this is a Chinese version, you can download its Android version directly to your phone.

Rooting your Samsung s7 using Kingroot requires your phone to maintain a stable internet connection.

Kingroot’s rooting method is completely different from CF-Auto-Root’s rooting. You will be surprised to know that it is not actually a rooting kernel,

Download Kingroot Apk

Download and install the Kingroot APK file on your Galaxy S7. This app also checks whether you already have root access or not. You can directly download this app from the link given here.


Launch Kingroot On Your Phone

  • You open the new Kingroot app on your phone. You can find it in the app drawer of your Galaxy after the installation process is complete.
  • Or you can see its icon on the home screen of your device. To root your phone, open it by clicking on the king root icon visible on the screen of the phone.

Check For The Root Button

  • After opening the app, make sure you see the Start Root button at the bottom of the app display. This root button lets you know that your Root For Samsung galaxy s7 is supported.

Start Rooting Process

  • Tap on the start button that appears to start the rooting process on the Samsung galaxy s7. It may take a few moments for your device to be completely rooted. Once the rooting process is complete, you will see a successful root message.

Root Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Using KingRoot

Restart your Samsung S7

  • restart your phone If for some reason your device is not compatible with rooting software, you can try to Root Samsung S7 with the desktop version of KingRoot. Which might work better to root your device.

METHOD 3: Root Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Using iRoot Apk

iRoot Apk is a reliable rooting app. Using this app you can easily root Samsung Galaxy S7. The most striking feature of this app is that it provides an OTP on your device to confirm that your device is rooted. However, many users are very confused about the rooting process. But you can root your device by following some of the rules given below.

Download iRoot Apk

  • Click on the link given here to download and install iRoot APK on your Samsung smartphone. Let us tell you that this is a third-party application that you cannot download from Google Play Store.


Launch iRoot On Your Phone

  • When you have installed this app on your device then go to the home screen of your device click on the iRoot App icon.

Start Rooting Process

  • Click on the rooting tool that appears on the home page of the app and clicks on the “Get Access” button to start the process of rooting your device.
  • It takes some time for all the steps of rooting to be completed. However, once this is done the Android device reboots.

Root Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Using iRoot Apk

Successful Root

  • Your device gets rooted in this simple process. Now you can install any kind of app on your device.

Benefits of Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S7

1- By Root Samsung Galaxy S7 you can get your full control over the device. You are also able to manage device files and applications.

2- Root your device and free the device from all the unused apps and files available on the device.

3- You can make your device safe by rooting your Galaxy S7 by removing all types of Trojan files and all viruses on the device.

4- After rooting your Samsung S7, you can install tons of great games on your smartphone along with all kinds of useful apps.

5- Make your device’s performance even better.

6- After rooting you can also install custom ROM and customized user interface in the device.

7- After rooting the device, you can also easily block ads appearing in apps and games.

Disadvantages of Rooting Samsung S7.

1-The biggest disadvantage of rooting is that you lose the warranty of your device.

2-If you make any mistake while rooting Samsung S7, your device may get bricked.

3- Once the device is rooted, its security risk increases.


Friends, this article completes your knowledge related to Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Root. This article focuses on all the points related to Galaxy S7 Root. So that you will get more and more information.

I wish you got your answer on how to root your phone, however, you face any problem in rooting your device then please let us know in below comment box so that I can solve your rooting problem as soon as possible. If you want to learn more about rooting, check out more articles on our website.

Thank you.

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