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Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Android 7.0:– The Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus is a powerful smartphone with a beautiful design with many impressive features.

Speaking of the features of this smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Plus version was launched in August 2015 with many better features, including a 5.7-inch (1440×2560 pixels) touchscreen display and Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7420, 4GB RAM, 32GB storage. Many better features are included.

Despite having all these better features, users are able to use their smartphones only to a limit. But there are also many users who prefer to Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus 2022 for many additional functions and controls on their smartphone.

Let us tell you that by rooting the smartphone, the user can easily unlock all the features of the phone and control the phone. Rooting is the process by which Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus users can get full control over their devices and use many third-party apps, games along with many better features in their device.

If you are also thinking of Samsung Galaxy s6 edge Plus Root or want to root your device securely, then the guidelines shown in this tutorial can be very important towards rooting your device.

Warning:- Explain that the process of rooting Android can be risky for the device provided that if you do not use the correct guidelines, the warranty of the device is likely to expire as a result.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus?

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus?

The process of gaining admin rights on rooting Android devices through which Samsung allows unlocking many new improved possibilities for better smartphones such as the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

These features range from overclocking to the increased battery life of the device, flashing custom ROMs like CyanogenMod that provide a completely different look and feel.

You can root your smartphone in two ways. You will need a Windows PC to Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus using the rooting App provided on this web page in your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or using a PC.

Note:- You also need to understand that rooting is likely to expire the warranty of your smartphone, if you are willing to root your device, then here on this web page to Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Root But follow the guidelines given.

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Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Using Odin?

1. To start the process of Rooting Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, first of all, you have to go to your device’s Settings> About Device and find out which model of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. device rooting requires a specific rooting file for each model.

Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Untitled design 10 About Device” width=”580″ height=”290″>

2. Now proceeding, you go to Settings> About Phone> Software Info, and repeatedly tap on the build number that appears. By doing this it recognizes you as a developer.

Untitled design 1 2 About Phone> Software Info,” width=”580″ height=”290″>

3. Here you tap back twice, and select the new developer option.

developer option

4. Turn on USB Debugging and OEM unlocking on your device and move on.

USB Debugging and OEM

5. To root your smartphone, download the flashing software Odin from your PC and install it on your PC.

USB Debugging and OEM

6. Open the Onid app on your PC, download the rooting file for your specific model number in the MD5 format and save it to your desktop as well.

model number

7. Now turn off your smartphone. Then turn the phone back on by pressing Home + Power + Volume Down as shown in the picture.

download mode, press the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons

8. This is how the download screen appears on your phone, now proceed by plugging your phone into the computer via USB cable.

connect your phone

9. Moving forward, you extract the Odin .exe file on your desktop and open it.

connected to the computer, the Odin application automatically

10. Click on the “AP” you see in the toolkit here and select the downloaded rooting kernel file as shown in step 6.

Click on the "AP"

11. Now click on Start to flash the toolkit to the kernel on the phone. Your phone reboots as soon as you click here.

Now click on Start

Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

12. Now on your phone, open the new SuperSU file and update the phone as per the instructions shown here. If you do not find any such indication here, then you are all set.

new SuperSU

you have root access to your device by downloading the Root Checker App from the given link. You can open this app and see the root access by clicking on the confirmed root shown here.

root access

How To Root Samsung S6 Edge Plus Without PC?

Today millions of Android users are moving towards rooting their Android. Root helps you to make your device even more powerful by unlocking the real capabilities of your device.

You can use the Ping Pong rooting app to Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which was developed by a member of a developer team of XDA.

It gives priority to the latest Samsung Galaxy models. If you are a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge device user, you want to root your device through a risk-free process, then download Ping Pong Root.

Root Samsung S6 Edge Plus/ Samsung S6 Using Ping Pong Root Apk

Some important facts about Ping Pong Rooting Tool:-

  • This tool was specially designed for rooting Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge+ models.
  • Available in UpDate editions.
  • App Size – 3.99 MB
  • Available in APK format
  • User-friendly interface
  • Able to ro0t the device without tripping the KNOX warranty.
  • Secure process with 100% guaranteed to root success rate
  • Easy installation and uninstallation exist

Download And Install PingPong Root Apk

Ping Pong Root APK Latest Version


Ping Pong Root Support Device  

Supported Galaxy S6 Varients

  • AT&T SM-G920A, SM-G920V
  • AT&TSM-G920A [G920AUC1AOCE]
  • Sprint SM-G920P [G920PVPU1AOCF]
  • Verizon SM-G920V [G920VVRU1AOC3]
  • T-Mobile SM-G920T [G920TUVU1AOCG]
  • International SM-G920F [G920FXXUIAOCV]
  • US Cellular SM-G920R4 [G920R4TYU1AOD3]
  • International SM-G920I [G920IDVU1AOD1/BN/DG]

Supported Galaxy S6 Edge Varients

  • AT&TSM-G925A [G925AUC1AOCE]
  • AT&T SM-G925A, Verizon SM-G925V
  • China SM-G9250 [G9250ZCU1AODC]
  • Sprint SM-G925P [G925PVPU1AOCF]
  • Verizon SM-G925V [G925VVRU1AOC3]
  • T-Mobile SM-G925T [G925TUVU1AOCG]
  • Canadian SM-G925W8 [G925W8VLU1AOCG
  • International SM-G925F [G925FXXU1AOD9/CV]

Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus With PingPong Root Apk

  • First, go to Device Settings> Lock screen and Security and enable the option of Unknown sources.
  • Now open the app in My Files on your device, navigate to the APK file and install it on the device.
  • After the app is installed on the device, open the app drawer, and run the Pingpong root app on the device.
  • It will prompt you to install SuperSU on a smartphone, install the app.
  • Now click on the download data button that appears.
  • When it updates your device data, enable Airplane mode on your phone.
  • Now tap on getting Root that appears! Switch.
  • If it is prompted for permission to root you, then allow it to be rooted.
  • This reboots your device and lets the files be rearranged.
  • Now your smartphone is completely free from any restrictions.

Now since Ping Pong Root APK does not use Odin on the device for custom recovery or flash. So this is not done over the KNOX counter and your device warranty will still remain. This does not pose any threat to the Device.


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