How To Root Samsung Galaxy S2 Without Computer?

Root Samsung Galaxy S2 Without Computer 2022:- If you have Samsung GT i9100 also known as Galaxy s2 which comes with better features. if for any reason you want to Rootare Samsung GT i9100, then you have definitely come to the right web page.

In this comprehensive post, we will teach “How To Root Galaxy S2 Without PC”. As we all know Manufactured by Samsung, GT i9100 runs on Android and is available to the user with many additional features.

But still, there are many users who prefer to Root S2 i9100 to take advantage of even more features on their Galaxy s2 and customize it accordingly.

Before discussing how to root your Galaxy GT i9100 Rooting your phone requires some preparation.


Let us tell you that the guidelines displayed here to root your Galaxy S2, which you have to read carefully. And do not use the guidelines mentioned here to root any other device because the rules available here do not apply to any other device.

Easy Way To Root Samsung Galaxy S2 Without Computer

Root Samsung Galaxy S2 Without Computer

As we all know Samsung galaxy s2 comes with many better features. By rooting it, many additional features can be used on it.

There are many benefits of rooting the device which you can easily use on your phone.

  • After rooting you can easily increase the overall performance of your Samsung
  • Galaxy S2 by overclocking the CPU.
  • Make your Samsung Galaxy S2 battery life even better.
  • Easily install/uninstall all kinds of specified and essential apps
  • Personalize your Samsung Galaxy S2 easily with the ROMs you choose.
  • And Many More

Preparations Before Rooting GT i9100:-

Root Galaxy S2 Without PC:- Before starting the rooting process on the Samsung Galaxy S2, you need to go through a significant series of preliminary steps. All these steps play a vital role in making the rooting process on Android successful as well as in the security of the phone. Let’s take a quick look at these steps.

1:- Back Up All The Important Files On Your Phone.

Before Rooting Samsung S2 i9100, it is very important to back up all the important files on your device.

2:- Keep The Phone Battery Level At Least 50% To 80%.

Rooting is a process that takes some time to finish. In this case, your device will remain on till the rooting process is completed. So that the rooting process can be made a complete success.

3:- Disable Fast Boot On Your Phone.

You can easily do this by going to your device’s Settings > Battery.

4:- Make Sure Internet Connection Is Available On The Phone If Possible Connect The Device To Wifi.

A good internet connection is required when Galaxy S2 Rooting. Since the rooting process Without Pc takes place only in the presence of the Internet, you should make sure that your WiFi is on and available at all times.

5:- Allow Installation Of Apps From An Unknown Source On The Device.

To Samsung Galaxy S2 Root, you need to have the rooting app installed on your Samsung. Or rooting your device using other rooting resources. Therefore, you should disable the “Third Party” option given in your device’s settings. On Samsung S4 go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources.

Useful Guide To Root Samsung:-

1- Root Galaxy S2 Using Kingroot

Root Galaxy S2 Without PC Using Kingroot:- If you have made sure that and you want to Root Galaxy S2 without PC then you can use the Kingroot app. It is a very popular and secure rooting app. Using this you can easily root your device.

1. Download Kingroot to your Samsung device. You can easily download its APK version from its official website or the link given on this webpage. [Download Kingroot]

2. After downloading this application on your Samsung device, install it successfully. And launch it on your phone. Once launched, you get basic information related to your device on its home screen. Now, tap on the “Try to Root” button to start the rooting process.

Root Galaxy

3. Here you have to stay for some time. Because it takes some time to process the application. It detects your device in no time. and will make it completely ready for root.

Root Galaxy

4. Once your phone is ready for rooting, it will start the process of rooting S2 in no time. You can check the rooting progress of the device from the provided on-screen indicator. The rooting process may take some time to complete. Just wait for the application to take the necessary steps.

Root Galaxy

5. That’s it! After the rooting process of the phone is completed, your application will display the following message. Your S2 is successfully rooted using Kingroot.

Root Galaxy

Finally, after following all the above steps your device gets rooted. Now you can restart your phone and enjoy all the added benefits of rooting on your rooted phone.

2- Root Galaxy S2 Using TowelRoot

Root Galaxy S2 Without PC Using TowelRoot:- We will talk about another way to root Samsung Galaxy S2 which is widely used today to root Android. In this method, you will use TowelRoot to root your Galaxy S2.

Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S2 with TowelRoot does not require a computer. Using this, you can easily root your device in a secure way.

Let’s root S2 using TowelRoot:-

  • Download the TowelRoot app to your s2 from the link given here. [Download TowelRoot]
  • Once downloaded, on your phone, go to Phone Settings >> Security >> Unknown sources and click on the Unknown sources option to enable it.

Root Galaxy with Towelroot

  • Now install by clicking on the file of the downloaded Towelroot app.

Root Galaxy with Towelroot

  • After Towelroot is installed on the S2 launch it on the home screen of the phone.
  • After the launch of the app, the option of “make it ra1n” is seen on the screen in the interface of Towelroot. Tap on the “make it ra1n” option to root your S2.

Root Galaxy with Towelroot

  • Tapping on “Make it ra1n” starts the rooting process on your device. Which is completed in few minutes. After the rooting process is completed, your phone will reboot. Your phone is completely rooted as soon as the phone reboots.

Root Galaxy with Towelroot

  • Friends, let us tell you that you have to install Super SU on the phone because Towelroot roots your Galaxy S2. You can download Super SU from Google Play Store.

3- Root Galaxy S2 Using 360 Root Apk

Root Galaxy S2 Without PC Using 360 Root Apk:- 360 Root App is a Chinese rooting tool that is a very reliable rooting app for rooting any Android. Using this you can easily root your S2.

You can easily root your device by following the guidelines mentioned here.

Let’s root S2 using 360 Root Apk:-

1. First of all, on your Galaxy S2, to enable installation of apps from unknown sources to your device: Settings > Security > Device Administration -> Unknown sources And Download 360 Root Apk

Root Galaxy with 360 Root Apk

2. Now all you have to do is download the latest version of 360 Root on your device from the link given here. You may get a warning message while downloading the app, ignore it and download the 360 ​​Root APK file.

Root Galaxy with 360 Root Apk

3. After the APK file is downloaded, install it on your device. You may again get a warning message while installing the app. Ignore it.

Root Galaxy with 360 Root Apk

4. Once the app is installed, launch it on your mobile. And click on the “Root” button visible in the interface of the app. And start the rooting process on the phone.

Root Galaxy with 360 Root Apk

5. In no time your device gets completely rooted. Your phone reboots automatically after the rooting process on the phone is finished.

That’s all, you can easily root s2 using this way 360 Root. Now verify root access of the phone by installing Root Checker on your device.

4- Root Galaxy S2 Using Baidu Root Apk

Root Galaxy S2 Without PC Using Baidu Root Apk:- BAIDU ROOT is the most trusted rooting tool in the category of rooting Android. You can easily root your S2 using this app on your Galaxy S2 device. You can root your device by following the easy-to-follow instructions available below.

1. First of all download and install BAIDU ROOT APK on your device. [Download Baidu Root Apk]

root samsung galaxy With BaiduRoot

2. Now launch BAIDUROOT which appears on the home screen of the device. Here you will see a button that says “Root device”.

3. You have to click on this Root button.

root samsung galaxy With BaiduRoot

4. When you click on the Root button. The rooting process starts on your device which takes some time.

root samsung galaxy With BaiduRoot

5. You have to keep an eye on the home screen of your smartphone. When the rooting process is completed from 0 to 100%, your device reboots.

Now your Android device is completely rooted. Now you are completely free to use your device in a new way. If you want, you can check the root status of your Android device (Root Checker Apk).

5- Root Galaxy S2 Using iRoot Apk

Root Galaxy S2 Without PC Using iRoot Apk:- If you want to Root Galaxy S2 i9100 Without Computer then you can use the iRoot app. This is a very popular and secure ro0ting app. And using this you can easily root your device.

1: Now, download the iRoot APK on your Galaxy S2. You may get some warning messages while downloading the app to the device. Just ignore it and download the iRoot.APK file on your device from the link given here. [Download iRoot Apk]

Root Galaxy With iRoot apk

2: Once the app is downloaded, click on its downloaded APK file and select “Install” to start the installation process of the app.

Root Galaxy With iRoot apk

3: Once the app is installed on the device, launch the iRoot application on your smartphone by clicking on its icon under the Apps menu on the home screen of your Galaxy.

Root Galaxy With iRoot apk

4: Now, click on “Get Root Access” appearing on the screen to start the rooting process of your Galaxy S2.

Root Galaxy With iRoot apk

5: After the device’s rooting process is completed, you will see a “Root Success” message displayed on the screen of your device.

6: Finally, your device reboots once the rooting process is complete.

You can easily root your Samsung Galaxy S2 using the iRoot application by just following these simple steps.


Friends, this article completes your knowledge related to the Samsung Galaxy S2 Root Without PC. This article focuses on all the points related to the root samsung galaxy s2 tmobile. So that you will get more and more information.

I wish you got your answer on how to root your phone,

If however, you face any problem in rooting your device then please let us know in below comment box so that I can solve your rooting problem as soon as possible. If you want to learn more about rooting, check out more articles on our website.

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