How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Verizon 2022

Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sm-n910v Verizon 6.0.1 Marshmallow:- Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the best Samsung smartphones,

Which was officially announced in September 2014. The Note 4 is one of the top flagship devices from Samsung. It was first made available to the users in October 2014 with many improved features.

These great features include a 5.7” 1440×2560 pixel display, 16MP (2160p) rear camera, 3GB RAM, and 3220mAh Li-ion battery along with Snapdragon 805 processor to give decent speed to the phone.

But despite all these features, users feel the need to root Galaxy Note 4. Because some of the unusable apps available in the user’s phone want to unlock many features on the phone with removal. That’s why users keep searching for many new ways to root their phones.

If you also want to access many additional features of the phone easily by unlocking all the infinite features on the phone by rooting Note4 2022.

So feel free to follow the below guide to root your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 safely 2022. All the guidelines available here make the process of rooting your device easy.

Should You Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

root samsung galaxy note 4

If you want to root your device then this question must have come to your mind, well, to know the answer to this question, we should know about the advantages and disadvantages of rooting Android.

Benefits of Rooting Galaxy Note 4:-

• When you root your Galaxy Note 4 you can install a very powerful battery saver option like Greenify on the phone which greatly extends the battery life of your phone. Your phone battery lasts 4 hours more than before.

• Rooting the phone can easily reduce unnecessary RAM and CPU usage, speed up the device and increase the processing power of the processor.

• Bloatware can be easily uninstalled from your phone after the Galaxy Note 4 root is completed. Due to this the multi-tasking capability of your device increases.

• Phone Rooting is the process by which you can completely change the custom ROM on your phone, the interface of the phone completely. It gives users the control to fully customize their devices.

• Thousands of “incompatible” apps and games become available after Note 4 root! Which you will easily downloadable directly to your device.

Some Disadvantages of Rooting Galaxy Note 4:-

• The biggest disadvantage of Android rooting is that the phone’s warranty becomes void once the rooting process of the phone is completed. And the phone manufacturer company will not consider the warranty claim of your phone.

• Rooting already increases the capacity of your device but may result in your device getting hot sometimes. Because doing more work on the phone puts a lot of pressure on its processor.

• Rooting Android removes its internal locks. This increases the chances of your device being hacked and your personal information leaking too!

Useful Guide To Root Samsung:-

Preparation of Rooting Note 4

Before starting the rooting process on the Samsung Galaxy Note-3, you need to go through a significant series of preliminary steps. All these steps play a vital role in making the rooting process on Android successful as well as in the security of the phone. Let’s take a quick look at these steps.

1:- Back Up All The Important Files On Your Phone.
2:- Keep The Phone Battery Level At Least 50% To 80%.
3:- Disable Fast Boot On Your Phone.
4:- Make Sure Internet Connection Is Available On The Phone If Possible Connect The Device To Wifi.
5:- Allow Installation Of Apps From An Unknown Source On The Device.

5 Safe Method To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4

1. Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Using Odin Or CF Auto Root

1. To start the rooting process on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the first thing you need to do is go to your device’s Settings > About device and find out which model of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you have. Device rooting requires a specific rooting file for each model.

2. Now going forward, go to Settings> About Phone> Software Info and tap on the recurring build number that appears. By doing this it identifies you as a developer.

3. Here you tap back twice, and select the new developer option.

developer option

4. Turn on USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking on your device and proceed.

USB Debugging and OEM

5. To root your smartphone, download the flashing software Odin from your PC and install it on your PC.

USB Debugging and OEM

6. Open the Onid app on your PC, download the rooting file for your specific model number in the MD5 format and save the same on your desktop.

7. Now turn off your smartphone. Then turn the phone back on by pressing Home + Power + Volume Down as shown in the picture.

Download Mode

8. The download screen on your phone appears as follows, now proceed by plugging your phone into the computer via USB cable.

connect your phone

9. Proceeding, you extract and open the Odin .exe file on your desktop.

connected to the computer, the Odin application automatically

10. Click on “AP” appearing in the toolkit here and select the downloaded rooting kernel file as shown in step 6.

Click on the "AP"

11. Now click on Start to flash the toolkit to the kernel on the phone. Your phone reboots once you click here.

Now click on Start

12. Now on your phone, open the new SuperSU file and update the phone as per the instructions shown here. If you don’t get any such prompt here, you are all set.

download 1

You can get root access to your device by downloading the Root Checker app from the given link. You can open this app and view root access by clicking on Confirm Root shown here.

2. Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Using KingoRoot 

1. Download And Install Kingo Root (PC Version) On PC:- As we all know Kingo Root is the best one-click Android root software. You can download it on your PC from the link given here. After the download process is complete, install Kingo Root on PC. [DOWNLOAD KINGOROOT PC

2. Launch Kingo Root On PC:- After the app PC is installed, it appears as an icon to you. Launch it by double-clicking on this icon of Kingo Root. You will see it as shown in the picture below.

Kingo Root Apk

3. Now Plug Your Galaxy Note 4 Into Your Computer Via USB Cable:- Let us tell you that the special thing about which app is that if the USB driver of your smartphone is not installed on your computer, then Kingo Root automatically installs it easily. You have to make sure that your PC has an internet connection available.

Now plug your Galaxy into your computer via USB cable:

If you are using Windows 8 on your PC, you may need to change some settings on your PC. In this, you have to fix the driver installation looping.

4. Now Enable USB Debugging Mode On Your Samsung Galaxy Note-4:- Let us tell you that enabling USB debugging mode in the Android rooting process is one of the most essential steps in the rooting process. Which you can see in the picture below.

5. Read The Notification On Your Smartphone Carefully:- Rooting the Galaxy Note 4 is not a big deal. Before rooting your device, first of all, read the notification that appears on the screen. Which is very important for your phone.

Root Samsung Galaxy

6. Click on The “Root” Button:-With Kingo Root you can root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 easily. It will take you a few minutes. Click on the “Root” button that appears on the screen. Your device may be rebooted multiple times during the root process. Don’t worry, after the rooting process is finished, your phone restarts normally.

Root Samsung Galaxy

Note:- Do not touch, move, unplug or do any operation on your phone during the rooting process.

7. Root is Successful:- After the rooting process is completely completed, a “Root Successfully” message is displayed on your screen. Now you can proceed to the next rooting step.

8. Check The Original Status Of Your Galaxy NOTE-4:-You will be able to install the app named “SuperUser” on your device only after successful rooting. Which shows the root status of your device.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Without PC

Root Galaxy Note 4 Without Computer:- Today millions of Android users are moving towards rooting their Android. Rooting helps you make your device even more powerful by unlocking the true capabilities of your device.

If you want to root your galaxy note 4 without a PC, then you can use the rooting apps given below.

3. Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Using iRoot 

Root Galaxy Note-4 Without PC Using iRoot Apk:- If you want to Root Galaxy Note 4 Without a Computer then you can use the iRoot app. This is a very popular and secure rooting app. And using this you can easily root your device.

iRoot Apk Latest Version 2020

1: Now, download the iRoot APK on your Galaxy Note 4. You may get some warning messages while downloading the app to the device. Just ignore it and download the iRoot.APK file on your device from the link given here. [Download iRoot Apk]

2: Once the app is downloaded, click on its downloaded APK file and select “Install” to start the installation process of the app.

3: Once the app is installed on the device, launch the iRoot application on your smartphone by clicking on its icon under the Apps menu on the home screen of your Galaxy.

4: Now, click on “Get Root Access” appearing on the screen to start the rooting process of your Galaxy Note4.

5: After the device’s rooting process is completed, you will see a “Root Success” message displayed on the screen of your device.

6: Finally, your device reboots once the rooting process is complete.

You can easily root your Samsung Galaxy Note4 using the iRoot application by just following these simple steps.

4. Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Using Magisk 

Root Galaxy Note 4 at&t With Magisk:- Magisk Root Apk provides a very advanced and safest way to root Samsung Note-4. The most striking feature of this app is that it provides an OTP on your device to confirm that your device is rooted.

Root samsung galaxy With magisk root apk

You can easily root your Samsung by following the below-given guidelines.

1. To root your phone, you move the zip file of the app to the internal storage of the phone. Custom recovery is installed in your phone to root the device.

2. Now boot into Recovery Mode by pressing Volume UP + Home and Power buttons at the same time as shown on your Samsung Galaxy Note-4 until you see the boot animation on the screen of the device.

3. Tap on Install that appears from the Download MagicRoot APK with galaxy Note-4 TWRP recovery page. [DOWNLOAD MAGIC ROOT APK]

4. Here you get the spread of magisk.Zip from your internal storage select it and tap on swipe to confirm flash. and reboot your phone.

5. Once your phone boots up, install Magic Manager APK. Here your Samsung Galaxy Note-4 device is successfully rooted.

5. Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Using Z4Root 

Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Without PC:- You can customize your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 better than ever using the Z4root app. This is one of the best Android rooting apps and it is very easy and safe to root Galaxy Note 4 with it. All you have to do is follow the right guidelines.

Root Samsung Galaxy Note4 All Models With Z4Root APK

 Z4Root APK Latest Version 2020

1. Download Z4Root App on Note 4:- You have to make sure that an internet connection is available on the device. And download and install this app on your smartphone. [DOWNLOAD Z4ROOT]

2. Launch App:- Now click on the icon of the Z4Root app and open it, which appears on the home screen of the device.

3. Start Root:- Here you have to click on the (ROOT START) button to start the rooting process of your device.

4. Root Successful:- Now the rooting process of your device starts and it gets completed in no time. In between, you don’t have to do any work on your device. After the completion of this process, your device is completely cleaned. Now you can use it however you want.


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