How To Root Samsung Galaxy J200G?

Root Samsung Galaxy J200G 5.1.1 Lollipop 2022:- Galaxy J2 is one of the better smartphones in the Samsung phone series which is still widely used by users due to its many impressive features.

Coming to the specifications of the smartphone, the Samsung J2 variant was launched in September 2015 with a host of advanced features, including a 4.7″ (540×960 pixels) touchscreen display and Samsung Exynos 3475 Quad, 1GB RAM, 2000mAh Li-ion battery. is included and many more features are available.

Despite all these features, you get to use this smartphone to a limited extent. But in today’s time, there are also many smart Samsung users who prefer to “Root Samsung J200g 2022” for many more additional functions and controls on their smartphones.

Let us tell you that by rooting your smartphone, you can easily control your phone by unlocking all the features of the user phone.

Rooting is the process through which users can get complete control over their device and enjoy many better features along with any third-party applications, games on their device.

If you too want to Root Galaxy J2 and use many advanced features, the guidelines shown in this tutorial can be very important towards rooting your device.

5 Best Ways To Root Samsung Galaxy J200?

Root Samsung Galaxy J200

How To Root J2:- If you are a Samsung Galaxy J2 user and planning to root J2 5.1.1 to unlock its full potential, So you should know some important things before rooting the phone which is important for you.

Let me tell you that rooting can be very risky because even one wrong step done by you during rooting can spoil your lovely phone.

So, by remembering and following some of the instructions given here, you can avoid bricking your Android phone and root your phone with success and safety.

Few Things To Remember Before Rooting J2:-

1. Backup Samsung Galaxy J2 Smartphone.

It is to back up your Galaxy’s important data before applying the rooting process to the phone. Because the data of the phone can be lost during the rooting process.

2. Fully Charge The Galaxy J2.

Before rooting Samsung Galaxy J2 make sure the phone is fully charged. Because during the rooting process, the phone can be bricked if the phone is closed in the middle.

3. Choose The Right Method Of Rooting.

How to root your Samsung Galaxy J2. You should choose the correct method to root the device properly.

4. Download And Install The Drivers Required For Rooting.

If you root your Galaxy J2 from a PC then you should download and install all required drivers on your computer. You can easily get all these drivers from their official websites.

5. Disable Firewall And Antivirus On Your PC.

Before rooting it is also necessary that you disable the antivirus or firewall available on your computer before rooting your phone. Because there are some antivirus or firewalls whose setup can interfere with your rooting process.

Should You Root Samsung Galaxy J200?

If you want to root your device then this question must have come to your mind, well, to know the answer to this question, we should know about the advantages and disadvantages of rooting Android.

Benefits of Rooting Galaxy J2:-

• When you root your Galaxy J2 you can install a very powerful battery saver option like Greenify on the phone which greatly extends the battery life of your phone. Your phone battery lasts 4 hours more than before.

• Rooting the phone can easily reduce unnecessary RAM and CPU usage, speed up the device and increase the processing power of the processor.

• Bloatware can be easily uninstalled from your phone after the Galaxy root J2 is completed. Due to which the multi-tasking capability of your device increases.

• Phone Rooting is the process by which you can completely change the custom ROM on your phone, the interface of the phone completely. It gives users the control to fully customize their devices.

• Thousands of “incompatible” apps and games become available after J2 root! Which you will easily downloadable directly to your device.

Some Disadvantages of Rooting Galaxy J2:-

• The biggest disadvantage of Android rooting is that the phone’s warranty becomes void once the rooting process of the phone is completed. And the phone manufacturer company will not consider the warranty claim of your phone.

• Rooting already increases the capacity of your device but may result in your device getting hot sometimes. Because doing more work on the phone puts a lot of pressure on its processor.

• Rooting Android removes its internal locks. This increases the chances of your device being hacked and your personal information leaking too!

Useful Guide To Root Samsung:-

How To Root Samsung J2 With PC

1. Root Samsung Galaxy J2 With Odin

Odin Root Galaxy J2:- In the opening part of this article, we will learn how you can easily root My Samsung Galaxy J2 with Odin.

Let us tell you that Odin is a Windows-only software developed by Samsung. Samsung users can use it to root, flash, upgrade as well as restore their Samsung phones.

You can easily root Samsung Sm J200g with Odin by following the instructions given below. 

Step 1. Download And Extract Odin

First of all, you have to download Odin from the official website of Odin from the link given here and the Samsung j200g root file download. After downloading you don’t need to install it on your computer, just open its zip file. [Download Odin]

Download and Extract Odin 3.

Step 2. Boot Samsung J2 Into Download Mode.

Now in this step, you have to boot your Galaxy J2 in Download Mode, for this first turn off the phone and then press and hold the Home + Volume Down Button + Power Button at the same time until the screen appears on Samsung.

samsung galaxy download mode

Step 3. Launch Odin

In this step, you have to run Odin3 as administrator and connect your phone to PC via USB. Once your phone is recognized by Odin you will see blue color in the ID.COM box which you can see in the picture

connected to the computer, the Odin application automatically

Step 4. Checking Auto Reboot

In this step, you need to check Auto Reboot and F-Reset time on your Odin. After you click on the PDA button shown here, you need to find the extracted CF Auto file.

rooting the device is complete

In this field, you have to click on CF-Auto-Root-m0-m0xx-gt5.1.1.tar.MD3, Start button. Wait for a while after clicking. After some time you see a “Rooted Galaxy J2” message on the screen. This means that your device is completely rooted.

2. Root Samsung Galaxy J2 With RootGenius PC

Root Genius is a very effective rooting tool. Users can easily Samsung Galaxy J2 Root using this app on their PC or laptop by following some general instructions.

Here available guidelines are displayed to root your smartphone. You can root your J2 by following these instructions step by step.

Step 1. First of all download and install the Root Genius PC version on your PC or Laptop from the link given here.



Step 2. After the installation process of the app is complete, launch the app from the home screen. Now connect your Samsung Galaxy J2 to your PC.

Root Samsung Galaxy

Step 3. Once your Galaxy J2 is connected to Root Genius on PC, this app will automatically detect your phone. And activates the “Root Button” to root your device.

Step 4. Once the device is connected to the PC, you can click on the “Root Now Button” visible in the app’s interface to start the rooting process on the J2.

Root Samsung Galaxy

Step 5. Now it will root your Galaxy J2 automatically. You can see the ongoing rooting process of the device on the PC screen.

Root Samsung Galaxy

Step 6. Once the rooting process is complete on the device, you can see the rooting success message on the screen of your PC.

Root Samsung Galaxy

You can root your Samsung Galaxy J2 with Root Genius by following some simple guidelines like this.

How To Root Samsung J2 Without PC?

3. Root Samsung Galaxy J2 With KingRoot

Kingroot is a reliable one-click rooting tool for rooting Android devices. Let us tell you that Kingroot is available for Android devices running up to the Android 7.0 operating system.

Kingroot Global Application 

You can easily root Samsung Galaxy J2 without a Computer using Kingroot Apk.

Step 1. Download And Install KingRoot Apk in j2:-

Firstly, you go through the process of downloading and installing Kingroot Apk on your Samsung J2 from the download link given here.

Step 2. Installation Process:-

Once the installation process on your smartphone is complete, you can now proceed with the process of Rooting Samsung Galaxy J2 Using KingRoot Application.

Step 3. Launch Your Galaxy J2 Kingroot:-

Launch Kingroot from the app drawer on the device. Tap on “Start Root” and let the rooting process continue.

Step 4. Rooting Process:-

Wait for the rooting process to complete or until the Root Success Message is displayed on the home screen of the app.

Step 5. Root Successful:-

When the rooting process is successful, the message “Root Successfully” is displayed on the screen of your device. You can also verify root access using the Root Checker app.

4. Root Samsung Galaxy J2 With iRoot

Root Galaxy J200G Without PC Using iRoot Apk:- If you want to Root Galaxy J2 Without Computer then you can use the iRoot app. This is a very popular and secure rooting app. And using this you can easily root your device.

iRoot Apk Latest Version 2020

1: Now, download the iRoot APK on your Galaxy J2. You may get some warning messages while downloading the app to the device. Just ignore it and download the iRoot.APK file on your device from the link given here. [Download iRoot Apk]

2: Once the app is downloaded, click on its downloaded APK file and select “Install” to start the installation process of the app.

3: Once the app is installed on the device, launch the iRoot application on your smartphone by clicking on its icon under the Apps menu on the home screen of your Galaxy.

4: Now, click on “Get Root Access” appearing on the screen to start the rooting process of your Galaxy J2.

5: After the device’s rooting process is completed, you will see a “Root Success” message displayed on the screen of your device.

6: Finally, your device reboots once the rooting process is complete.

You can easily root your Samsung Galaxy J2 using the iRoot application by just following these simple steps.

5. Root Samsung Galaxy J2 With Z4Root

Root Samsung Galaxy J2 Without PC:- You can customize your Samsung Galaxy J2 better than ever using the Z4root app. This is one of the best Android rooting apps and it is very easy and safe to root J2 with it. All you have to do is follow the right guidelines.

Root Samsung Galaxy J2 All Models With Z4Root APK

 Z4Root APK Latest Version 2020

1. Download Z4Root App on J2:- You have to make sure that an internet connection is available on the device. And download and install this app on your smartphone. [DOWNLOAD Z4ROOT]

2. Launch App:- Now click on the icon of the Z4Root app and open it, which appears on the home screen of the device.

3. Start Root:- Here you have to click on the (ROOT START) button to start the rooting process of your device.

4. Root Successful:- Now the rooting process of your device starts and it gets completed in no time. In between, you don’t have to do any work on your device. After the completion of this process, your device is completely cleaned. Now you can use it however you want.

Conclusion Of Samsung Galaxy J2 Root

Friends, this article completes your knowledge related to Samsung Galaxy J2 Root. This article focuses on all the points related to Galaxy J2 Root. So that you will get more and more information.

I wish you got your answer on how to root your phone,

If however, you face any problem in rooting your device then please let us know in below comment box so that I can solve your rooting problem as soon as possible. If you want to learn more about rooting, check out more articles on our website.

Thank you.

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