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Kingroot Stuck At 1 Error For Android (Kingroot Problems):- As we all know that Kingroot is the best rooting tool to root Android. Today time it is used to solve the rooting problem associated with Android.

But many Android users face some problems in rooting their Android using the app. In this problem there are some doubts in the user’s mind like:- Why is my Kingroot stuck at 01%?; Kingroot is not working on my smartphone. How can you completely get rid of this kind of Kingroot error?

Dear Android users, if you are also facing any such problem then don’t worry. All “Kingroot stuck at 1%” errors on your Android can be easily fixed.

You can see in this article the solution for all Kingroot errors on your Android;

What is Kingroot Stuck At 1 Error?

Fix KingRoot Stuck At 1

If you also use Kingroot on your Android. If yes, then you must have faced some error of Kingroot while rooting your Android, Kingroot Stuck At 1 percent is the most common root problem in all these Android rooting problems.

Let us tell you that in this error the rooting process of your Android stops at 1%. Where you are asked to wait for the rooting process and the rooting process does not proceed. You can see the result of such an error in the picture below.

Kingroot Stuck At 1 ErrorAlso, you have displayed a message saying “Please wait patiently for the update?” This message means you are asked to restore your database.

How To Long Does Kingroot Take To Root?

While using the application on Android, users may face many problems. In which the problem of Kingroot stuck on 1% is also common.

There can be many reasons for this common coming to Android. For some of these reasons if your phone is android and you are rooting android using the old Kingroot version then you can see a 1% error on the Kingroot stick At 73 during android rooting.

We would like to inform you that this is an application that is used on many Android phones. Or the error is also seen due to the database of the phone.

If we don’t follow our phone and don’t use the high App version. So sometimes it stops at Kingroot 90 stuck or Kingroot stuck 73. Which is quite disappointing.

But you can easily take Kingroot stuck from 1% to 100% by following a few simple instructions.

How To Fix Kingroot Stuck At 1 2023?

If your Android is stuck on Kingroot 1 while rooting then you have to go through some instructions.

Sometimes you may see many errors while rooting your Android. These errors include Kingroot stuck at 01, Kingroot stuck at 90, Kingroot stuck at 70, Kingroot stuck at 32, Kingroot 4.1 stuck at 15, etc. It’s all the same type of error.

If your smartphone is running on Android 6. x or above, your Android version needs to be updated. Because The App never works properly on older versions of Android.

Always use the latest version of Kingroot while rooting yourself. So that you do not have to face the problem in Kingroot during rooting.

Reboot your phone. And start the rooting process again on Android, by doing this the rooting error gets fixed.

You can easily fix this error by repairing your phone’s database or making your phone’s settings compatible with rooting.

Kingroot All Version Use Android

How Long Does It Take To Root Kingroot?

By using the application on your Android, you can easily root your Android in about 1-20 minutes by following all the rooting guidelines. If the process of your Android device is good, then the rooting process is completed within 10 minutes.

Why Does Kingroot Fail To Root?

If KingRoot fails to root your Android, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t worry about it. Follow your phone’s database. Or open the task manager of the phone and close it again. Now restart the application to root your Android. Now it will successfully root your Android.

Can My Phone Be Rooted Without Me Knowing?

No. For this, you will need to give permission to your Android or download the application to the Android smartphone you want to root.

What If Rooting Fails?

Yes, sometimes rooting fails too, for that follows the rooting reasons. And you can start the rooting process again. Sometimes the rooting process can also block your phone, for this, you should switch your phone off and back on and start the rooting process again.

An Alternative Way To Root Your Android

If you are still unable to root your Android using the rooting App after all the solutions, then you can try some alternative methods.

Manually Root Android Using PC.

You can easily root your Android with a PC key by simply unlocking the bootloader on your device and entering a few commands.

Manually rooting Android using a PC works well in most cases of rooting error.

Rooting Android using a PC will take around 20-30 minutes.

If the Kingroot method is not working to root your android, then the best option is to manually root android using a PC. You have to follow some easy steps given here to root your device manually with a PC key.

  • First of all, you have to unlock the bootloader in your android.
  • Download drivers, recovery, and to your Android.
  • Now you have to enable USB debugging in the developer options settings on your Android
  • Connect Android phone to PC using a USB cable
    Launch the app on your PC and click on the Root button shown here.
  • Now wait for the rooting process to complete, your Android phone reboots after the rooting process is completed.

As soon as the phone is rebooted, disconnect your phone from the PC and enjoy many features on your rooted phone.


Fix Kingroot Stuck At 1%:- Friends, this article informs you about the solution to the problem of rooting Android from Kingroot. If your Android is compatible with KingRoot rooting conditions, it will take no more than 30-60 seconds for your mobile device to be rooted.

It provides the best, easiest, and fastest way to root your Android. You can easily root your Android with its help. Now you can easily root your android by solving the problem of your device. And Kingroot Stuck on checking the root status.

If still have any queries related to rooting? So do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to assist you.

To root your Android, visit the homepage of our website.

Thank you

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