Kingroot For PC Download Latest Version On Windows 7/8/10 2023

Kingroot For PC 2023:- Friends, today it has become very easy to root Android devices. But friends, given the security of your device, it is very important to have the right knowledge of rooting Android.

In this current time of 2023, there are many apps and methods available in the market to root Android and iOS smartphones. But friends are safe and easy to use PC or laptop to root any Android and iOS smartphone.

Out of all the rooting apps available in the market, it is very accessible to root Android smartphones using Kingroot APK. Let us tell you that is the most used rooting application on PC today.

Friends, you are also interested in rooting your device. So you can use this app on your PC. You have been provided with the download link of this app on this web page. You can download this app to your PC by clicking on it.

It is very important to have the right information about this app before rooting your device. So that you do not face any problems while using the app.

Friends, this blog presents all the information about Kingroot Apk For PC in simple language. By reading this, you will get to know this app very closely and can root your device safely.

KingRoot For PC- Root Android In One-click Using PC

Kingroot For PC

Kingroot English Version For PC:- Friends, the Kingroot application is a very friendly rooting tool for android users. This app was developed in the Chinese language. But now this app is available in many languages, now you can use its interface in the English language also.

You can easily root Android by simply connecting your Android to the computer via a USB cable.

Let me tell you that it is very easy to root any device by connecting it to the computer. After connecting to the USB, you have to follow some easy instructions which are shown on your computer display.

KingRoot For PC gives you very efficient results. And easily becomes compatible with any laptop or PC.

When the user connects his device to the PC and starts the rooting process. So you can save the data by saving it easily on your device.

During rooting, you can easily remove all desired applications from your device as you wish. And can easily increase the capacity of your device.

Friends tell you that when you root your device, your smart device’s current company guarantee expires. So make sure before rooting your device.

System Requirements For Using The Kingroot On PC

Before installing Kingroot For a PC or laptop, you should check your system thoroughly, whether it is compatible with the app. The hardware card described below will provide a good output for the app.

  • Windows OS (Xp/7/8/8.1/10)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 256 MB video card
  • Stable internet connectivity
  • Minimum 15GB of Hard disk space
  • Data connection shod not be interpreted   ( High Speed )
  • Lest at Graphics card with supportive  drives  ( update )

Benefits of Rooting Android From KingRoot PC

Due to some unique features of King Root For PC tools for you, this app is the most liked application for rooting android or iOS. Some of the features given below will give you a better understanding of this app and will also help in deciding to download this app.

Easy To Use

Friends, this application can be used easily on any PC. And you can root your device with one click by using this application. Friends, its interface is in the Chinese language, but you can use it in English also.

➣Speed ​​Up The Android

Friends, this application helps in removing extra content from your device. And because of this, the speed of your device becomes very fast. On the other hand, it removes many additional options from the device’s storage. Which greatly increases the performance of your device.

➣AD Blocking

This prevents advertisements from coming on your device, which saves your device data. And also helps you to Vac Anti-Malware bytes data. After downloading this app on the device, you do not need to take the data manually.

➣Boost Android Battery Life

The Kingroot application extends the battery life of your device. When you root your device, it removes the extra options present in your device. Which consumes the energy of the battery of the device. After the device is rooted, the energy consumption of any battery on the device decreases.

➣User Friendly

You can fully control your device using the Kingroot PC. This helps in changing the settings and looks of your device. It is effortless to adapt to any device using Kingroot and Rooting Android.

➣Multiple Tasks From One App

Any user can accomplish many objectives by using an App on their device, and it makes your device root very fast. With which you can set your device accordingly.

➣Simple Downloading

Downloading this application on a PC is very simple, for this user only needs to click on the blue button which appears on this webpage, and it gets downloaded to your PC in no time.

➣Fix All Anti-Malware Or Bug

After downloading it on any device, it works on the device as anti-malware and can fix any bug on the device.

➣Media Tech

It is a 100% risk-free application. Further, the user is presented with a simple interface. Therefore it is easy to use it.

➣Easy Customization

After downloading the app on your device, you can make any change in the original settings of your device and increase the power of your device.

➣Free Of Cast App

Friends, this application is free, you can download it from Sunny on your site using the link given on our site, so you do not have to pay any fee for it.

How To Use Kingroot PC?

Kingroot For PC- You can very easily root Android in one click using Kingroot on PC. As you must have come to know KingRoot for PC allows you to root your Android device efficiently and effectively from your Windows PC.

You can easily download the EXE file of The App from this site and install it on your PC.

So Let’s Start Rooting Android:-


Let us tell you that rooting your device with Kingroot can be risky. And due to any kind of Rooting error, you can also damage your phone. Through this tutorial, we provide you information related to rooting. We will not be responsible for any kind of damage.

Root Android With Kingroot PC Version:-

Step 1:- As We, All Know. In the first step to rooting Android, download and install KingRoot on your PC from the link given here. You can follow the procedure given here to download and install the app.

Step 2:- On the home screen of your PC, click on the Kingroot app icon and wait for a few seconds. Follow the on-screen instructions to launch Kingroot and turn it on.

Step 3:- Once KingRoot is launched on the PC, the message “Connect your device to PC” will appear on the screen. Now connect or plug your Android device into your computer using a USB.

Step 4:- Enable USB debugging mode on your Android to connect Android to your PC. To enable USB debugging on your Android, you can follow some simple steps given below:

Phone Settings > About Phone > Build Number > Tap it 7 times to become a developer; Now go to Phone Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging. and enable it.

Step 4:- Once your Android is plugged into the PC, Kingroot automatically detects the version and device model of your Android phone.

Step 6:- Now click on the “Try Root” button to root the Android. You can see the rooting progress percentage calculation on the PC’s screen. It will take a few minutes to complete.

Note:- Do not touch, move or unplug your device during this time period. Doing so may affect the rooting process of Android.

Step 7:- Once the rooting process on Android is complete, you will see a Root completed message with a huge tick on the home screen of your PC. This message means that you have successfully rooted your Android.

Step 8:- Now your device will reboot automatically. You can install SuperSU on android after a phone reboot. And you can take advantage of many better features on the phone.

Kingroot Latest Version For PC 2023

Kingroot For PC

Application NameKingroot For PC
App Size30.3 MB
Latest Version3.2.0.1129 Available
CategoryWindows, Android Rooting Tool
Install500 Million


Useful Key Features Of Kingroot For PC

To get some unique features of the Kingroot For PC tool for you, you need to know what you get with King Root. This will give you a better understanding of the app and also help you decide on the download, King Root. If you have a good knowledge of the Kingroot App, then you can also use this link additional.

  • Easily download, install and use the app easily
  • The interface is straightforward
  • Its process and performance Save the battery power of a device
  • Most Trusted Rooting Applications
  • Uninstall Bluetooth ware
  • Removal ad
  • Better backup
  • Great optimization
  • Bug fixes and errors can be repeated
  • Rooting is done comfortably
  • Has the ability to manage system apps and startup programs
  • Gives the highest success of 98%

How To Download Kingroot For PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10?

Download Kingroot For PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10?

Kingroot For PC English Version Download Latest 2023:- Even today most people are not aware that they can use their PC, laptop, or desktop for Android smartphones and iOS root as well.

Recently rooting has been a business practice nowadays. You can download the Kingroot app for your PC, or laptop by following some easy rules given on this web page and Kingroot For PC To Root Android.

The Kingroot app is available for other devices such as Windows R, MAC PC, android, etc., and is easily compatible with them.

This version of the App can be easily used on Windows XP / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10. This application is quite a reliable and most downloaded app for PC.

It has been widely used by many people. This app is capable of rooting. Now we tell you about the process of downloading and installing the Kingroot pc app. All you have to do is a simple way to download KingRoot EXE and install its file on your Windows PC / Laptop / Desktop.

Whichever OS version you have available with the personal computer in any version of XP, 7,8,10 Android brand, and you can also download

Note:  Friends, to download a variety of better premium apps on your PC and laptop for free, you can download Aptoide PC. in your PC.

Steps To Download King Root For PC

  • Download Latest Kingroot PC Version from the provided link.
  • Once the file is downloaded to the PC, double-click to open it
  • follow instructions, and install Kingroot on your PC.
  • Wait until King root is installed on your PC.
  • After successfully installed on your PC, the King root icon will appear on the desktop.
  • Now open the App.
  • And then connect your Android device to the PC via the USB cable.
  • Once the Kingroot detects your Android device, click the Root button.


Friends, on this web page about the Kingroot PC version, we have described all the features related to it in simple language.

So that you get to know about this app very well and can easily root any of your smartphones using a PC.

Friends, we believe that this application is a very good platform to root Android and iOS devices. You can use it without any hesitation to root your device.

Friends, after the information presented on this web page, if you have any problem using an app on your PC or downloading it, then you can tell us in the comment box below on this page. We are committed to helping you in every way possible.

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