KingRoot APK 2023 | How to Root Android One Click Root?

pkKingRoot APK Rooting App designed for Android users is the fastest, most advanced, and easy-to-use Android rooting tool. It is capable of rooting almost all Android smartphone and tablet devices today.

This rooting tool allows the user to root their smartphone and tablet without having to install custom recovery and CWM. Kingroot Rooting Tool APK’s latest version is available with many advanced features for users.

If you also want to unlock many features of your device by rooting your smart device. So you will find in this tutorial complete step-by-step guides for your better-rooting understanding, along with downloading links and other helpful tools.

The special feature of this app is that this app automatically detects your Android version as well as detects the vulnerability of your Android. If your Android is vulnerable, the app lets you root your device with one click!

KingRoot APK

[World Best Android Root Solution]

KingRoot APKDo You Also Want Full Administrative Access To Your Android Operating System? So this Apk is made for your android only, which is called App, which is one of the most popular rooting tools. It allows you to root your Android device in just one click.

With the help of this app, you can easily root your Android device to get better administrator privileges for the system. With this, you also get the administrative rights to root your Android phone.

Rooting is becoming increasingly popular for Android devices these days. So with the help of the App, you can make the root process very simple in one click,

200+ Million
20,000+ Models
40+ Million

Android Root Introduction:-

As you do not know that the developer of the Android device is not giving all rights (administrative control) of Android to the device users/owners.

For this reason, Android users are able to use only a few features of Android and the operating system of Android to a certain extent.

In this way, the Android root process will convert the user into the super admin of your phone and you can easily perform every single task without any restrictions without the limitations of Android.

Let us tell you that with successfully rooted Android devices users can easily change any appearance and fully customizable Android devices and can install and uninstall any application from Android as they wish.

The best and most important feature of Android Rooting is that you can upgrade the Android version of the rooted phone without any hitch. And you can upgrade Android to higher Android versions with many new features, and flexibility. Plus, a rooted phone can install millions of apps to optimize your phone’s functions and features.

What is KingRoot? 

Let us tell you that the KingRoot App is the most used and reliable stand-alone mobile application for rooting your Android.

The KingRoot Rooting app has been downloaded by over 10,000,000+ Android users, and app 2023 has been updated with many enhanced features. And this latest version successfully supports thousands of smartphone models.

If you haven’t successfully installed your Android with any other rooting app or root process, or your phone got bricked during the rooting process. So you are using an amazing app like Apk,

Let us tell you that its routing success rate is more than 99%. The app is able to root your Android device with a single touch (One-Click Root) in a few seconds.

After a few seconds, you can access your smartphone as a super administrator with all the privileges by using it on your Android. that is too easy.

Advanced Features of KingRoot Apk 2023

Kingroot Apk 2023 has been updated with many improved features. Some of the amazing features listed are available for your information.


Absolutely Free! Free! Free:-

The latest version of KingRoot is available for all users completely free of cost.


Very Fast

Very Fast:-

It only takes a few seconds for any version of KingRoot Android to be recognized and rooted accurately.

No PC Requirement

No Pc Requirement For Rooting:-

Advanced this application has the super capability to root android without pc.

Remove Capacity

Remove Capacity:-

If a rooted Android device is not convenient for you, you can easily remove your device at any time with great ease.

one click

One-Click Root Android:-

The App requires just one click to successfully root your android and tablet and enable all privileges on the device.

Most Reliable Application

Most Reliable Application:-

Kingroot Studio (Developer) From time to time the developer team releases new updated risk-free and Kingroot malware-free APK versions.

High Compatibility App

High Compatibility App:-

All the latest updates of the app are successfully supporting thousands of reputed brands and models.

Benefits of Kingroot Rooting App 2023

Kingroot Apk 2023 is offered to all android users with a variety of adorable features. The ones you should know about. Some amazing features are listed for your information.

Speed Boosting

Speed Boosting

New Android phones have better speed. But when Android is used, their speed gradually decreases. But after a certain time period, 95% of Android smartphones start to lag. And this backward experience in your smartphone becomes a big headache for all users. KingRoot rooting app has a solid solution to increase the speed of your Android smartphone. If you root your android then you can boost your android speed. After rooting your Android, the actual processing capability of your Android will become apparent to your previous functions.

Long Battery Life

Long Battery Life

Short battery life is a huge painting point for Android smartphone users. Generally Android has continuous signal connectivity, and display time also consumes phone battery power, and Android device has lots of background processes or apps running in the backend to consume phone battery. You can easily deactivate all these apps by rooting the phone and improving the battery life of the phone.

Block Unwanted Ads

Block Unwanted Ads

Frequent advertisements are one of the most troublesome times for any Android user. And these ads are most annoying on Android when you are doing some special work on your phone. Some ads on your Android appear in the form of pop-ups while watching videos, using applications and playing games, or surfing the browser. All these advertisements are very painful and time-consuming for you. There are also some advertisements that install malware on your phone as well. But you can easily block all these ads. This requires rooting your android phone with the official KingRoot Apk. Which Roots Your Android in One Click.

Uninstall Bloatware

Uninstall Bloatware

An Android smartphone already comes with several pre-installed applications. Because phone developers have already installed many applications. However, in all these apps, most of the apps are useless and of no use to the user. But Android users cannot easily remove or uninstall these bloatware apps. And these apps consume the phone’s battery power, RAM, and phone memory storage. But when you root your phone, users can get administrative rights and higher control privileges on their android. By rooting the phone, the administrator can easily remove any bloatware without any trouble. And you can save RAM, CPU resources, battery power, and phone memory for your useful apps.

Super Administrative Optimization

Super Administrative Optimization

Let us tell you that if you root your android smartphone with KingRoot’s latest version, then you will be a super admin of your own smartphone and able to make your phone smarter than ever. You can change any background menu you want on Android by rooting Android. Plus you can install any application or upgrade your Android versions easily without any developer restrictions. Similarly, any custom ROM can also be installed on Android. You can use many advanced features by applying the root process on Android and increasing the performance of the smartphone even more. Also, you can personalize your device after the root with the professional root app,

Unlimited Data Backup

Unlimited Data Backup

If you want to reset the smartphone. Or if you want to do a master reset on an Android device, you are more likely to lose all your valuable data, such as contacts, emails, photos, game data, and other application data. Android Developer provides a facility to provide limited data backup of your application. And it requires users to reinstall the new app from Google Playstore. Let us tell you that a rooted Android device has a lot of data backup apps that are completely free for the user. While rooting Android, you can back up all the current data and apps on the phone along with the current configuration. And also you can restore/restore the backup files to your new phone or reset the device exactly as it is with all the data and settings configuration.

Kingroot APK File Information

Download Kingroot APK

DeveloperKingroot Studio
Size13.49 MB
Update OnLast Monday
RequirementAndroid 2.3+
Latest Version5.3.7
Total Download500 Million

How To Use KingRoot For Android?

This Rooting App is the most widely used rooting Android app in the world since the last decade. KingRoot Roots Android in the form of two types of executable files i.e. you can use two methods to root your Android device accurately.

As such, the Kingroot one clicks without pc method is the easiest way to root your phone successfully. This app will detect all details of your android device, current system details, and all details of your device karnal and it can root your android device after single finger touch. That is the beauty of this app.

How To Root iOS With Kingroot?

King Root is a function for iOS, which allows the user to use unrestricted access functions of all types of mobile phones. We may occasionally try to uninstall the app from our android mobile devices.

Kingroot App, which was produced and launched by the Chinese company Kingroot Studios. It was not previously available for ios, but now we can use it for ios. This App is a free rooting tool that helps you root your iOS device

All users like to enjoy their mobile. But most users do not know the limits of access rights from their devices. We can optimize a mobile using a process called rooting.

Kingroot For IOS is a freeware app that allows iOS devices to root users to their devices more easily and effectively.

What is device Rooting?
Rooting allows the device to get root access. This allows you to modify the software code on your device and change it. The manufacturer will not normally allow you, but you have to keep in mind that after this your device (Mobile) warranty ends.

How To Download Kingroot APK?

If you are an Android user and want to download the KingRoot V5.3.7 application to your mobile device? And if you want to get a good experience by rooting Android and unlocking many features of Android, then you should download Kingroot rooting app on your Android.

We can help you download and install Kingroot v 5.3.7 latest version on your Android by following the given below guidelines.


 ➡Click on the given link and download Kingroot APK (Latest Version).

 ➡Once downloaded, click on the Kingroot file. Start the installation process.

 ➡When the installation is complete, you will get a “Block by Play Protection” prompt saying, “This code contains an app that tries to bypass Android’s protection.

 ➡Now click on “Details” in the prompt message and select “Install” and choose to continue with the installation process.

 ➡Once the King Root app is installed, you will receive an “App installed” message.

 ➡Now you can go to “Open” and click to launch the King Root app on your Android device.

You can use Kingroot rooting app on your Android device by following these given simple steps.

Kingroot F.A.Q

1. What Is The Root?

ANS: Root is the process by which you get the right to access those Android smartphones. This is not possible without rooting. By rooting the device’s processor can be easily changed. By rooting the device, you can remove all the old apps that were installed in it while creating the device.

2. How Does “Kingroot” Work?

ANS: This App is can easily root your android and ios. You can also use it on a PC, for this, you have to download the Kingroot PC version. It provides you access to all the devices of the device.

3. Will Kingroot APK Work On The Device? / Is This Device Supported By Your Kingroot App?

ANS: This App, as previously mentioned to you, is primarily built by focusing on the “exploit” method. One thing you know about APK”exploits” is that it supports smart android and ios in Ashi type and can be routed easily.

4. Will The Device Lose Data While Rooting Device?

ANS: Tell you that theoretically, it is not. During the process of rooting the device with the App, the files are well maintained. However, in this process, your data is always risk-free

5. Does The Kingroot App Guarantee To Root The Device?

ANS: Kingroot has rooted your device with a full guarantee. Its proof is that it has been used by millions of users to root their devices. Always remember that Kingroot provides you with a well-known means of obtaining root permission only for the device. With which you can cloud the display of your device.

6. KingRoot Supports Which Method.

ANS: Kingroot supports all devices except Motorola. Also, you can use it on an iOS device. You can also easily root your device using Kingroot For PC.

7. Can The Old Version Of Kingroot Root The Device?

ANS: Yes, KingRoot Old Version is beneficial in rooting your device correctly. You can use it without hesitation to root your device.


Friends, we hope you have downloaded KingRoot APK properly. If you want to root your phone or device, then you can easily download this app.

We’ve given you a link to our site, which you can easily download from this app. If there is any problem, comment on it in the comment box and tell it.

App has been at the forefront of mobile app routing applications. You can root your device with just one click, and this is a straightforward process. Kingroot has made the whole process very simple.

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