How To Root Samsung S6 Without PC?

Root Samsung S6 2022:- The Samsung s6 is a beautiful and powerful device with many impressive features. Speaking of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S6, the Samsung Galaxy was launched in April 2015 with many better features, including a 5.10-inch (1440×2560) inch touchscreen display and Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7420, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage,

You can install many better apps and games on this smartphone. But to a certain extent, users can install apps and games in it. But there are also many users who like to root their Samsung Galaxy S6 for many additional functions and controls on their smartphones.

By rooting the mobile phone, the user can get control of the phone by unlocking all the features of the phone easily. Root Galaxy Samsung S6 6.0.1 is a process that Samsung users use to have better control over their devices. Third-party rooting apps are used to root common devices. 

If you too are thinking about rooting Samsung galaxy s6 or want to root your device safely, then the guidelines shown in this tutorial can be very important towards rooting your device.

Warning:- Explain that the process of rooting Android can be risky for the device provided that if you do not use the correct guidelines, the warranty of the device is likely to expire as a result.

Now, If You Ask Why To Root Samsung S6 Phone?

Root Samsung S6 Phone

If you have a question in your mind, why should Samsung root the phone, then we want to tell you that like other phones, your Samsung s6 also has many pre-installed apps and games. Many of which are useful apps and some are useless apps. Which are present in the device and cover the space of the device.

Generally, if you want to take these apps and games out of your work phone, then your phone does not allow it to do so. But by rooting your device, you can easily exclude all such apps and games from your device.

Also, by rooting the device, you can also install much better Apps on your phone, which is not possible without rooting.

Today in this article we will discuss rooting your Samsung Galaxy s6.

What is Required To Root Samsung S6?

Before starting the rooting process on your device, it is very important for you to follow some important things.

  • Please make sure that you have back up all types of data on your device before starting the rooting process. Your mobile data may be lost during the rooting process
  • Make sure that your smartphone is fully charged. Or at least 75-85% charge. So that the rooting process can be started or finished smoothly.
  • If you are rooting your device with the help of a PC then install the latest USB driver.
  • Next, you tap Settings> About Phone> Build Number> 7 times to enable USB debugging on the phone.

Once you have all the preparations, you proceed to the rooting process.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Without PC?

Root Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge without Tripping KNOX:-

Ping Pong Root APK Latest Version

The Pingpang Root Tool has been developed by a member of the XDA Forum. Which is capable of rooting almost any version of Root Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

Using this app, you can also easily root AT&T and Verizon Wireless models. Odin is not even required to flash custom recovery in this app

Root Samsung S6 with Ping Pong Apk does not even require a PC/Mac computer.

– You can easily root Samsung Galaxy s6 Pingpong including your key by following some easy instructions given below.

1- Download the file of pingpongroot_beta5.1.apk in your device using the given link. When the file is downloaded to the device, click on it to launch it.

Download Ping Pong Root Apk in samsung s6

2- During the file installation process, you may receive warning messages. For this, you have to disable unknown sources available in your device settings. And install the app on your device.

3- Press the “Open” button after the Pingpong APK is installed in the device. By doing this you will receive a symbolic message asking you to install a SuperSU,

4- Now in the main menu of Ping Pong Apk which appears on the screen of your device, two buttons are found “Get Root” and download data “Once you are ready to root your device then the rooting process. To start, click on the “Get root” button.

Root Samsung S6 With Ping Pong Root Apk

5- When you complete all this process, a message appears to inform you. At this point reboot your device as soon as possible.

After rebooting, your Samsung s6 is completely rooted

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How To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Using Odin?

By following the guidelines on this web page, you can easily root Samsung Galaxy S6 running on Android with id NRD90M.G925FXXU5EQD7 created using the Odin Application on your Windows computer.

Step 1:- First of all, download and install Samsung Mobile Driver on your PC or Laptop.

Samsung Mobile Driver

Step 2:- Download the root package on your PC / Laptop. After downloading the package, you have to open it on your PC.

Download root package

Step 3:- Now Power off your smart device.

Now Power off your device.

Step 4:- Now you have to boot the device in download mode. To boot into the download mode, press the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons simultaneously for about 6 to 8 seconds until the download screen appears on your device.

download mode, press the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons

Step 5:- Once you enter the download, you see a warning screen. To continue further you have to use the volume button.

warning screen

Step 6:- Now open the Onid tool from the auto root package (you have to get it from step -2) on your PC.

 open Onid tool

Step 7:- Here connect your device to the computer via USB.

connect your phone

Step 8:- Once your device is connected to the computer, the Odin application automatically recognizes the device. And you will see the added message in the log area.

connected to the computer, the Odin application automatically

Step 9:- Now click on the visible AP button (also called PDA) and add the CF-Auto-Root.tar file.

add the CF-Auto-Root.tar file

Step 10:- Click on the Start button to start the rooting process of the device.

start rooting process

Step 11:- Once the process of rooting the device is complete, you see a green box with a pass message.

rooting the device is complete

Step 12:- Now, disconnect your Samsung device from the computer completely and restart the device.

Step 13:- After the completion of this process your device is rooted, you can also confirm the root of your device by installing the SuperSU app or Root checker app on your smart device.

Benefits of Rooting Samsung Galaxy S6

1- You have complete control over the device by rooting your Samsung Galaxy s6. You are also able to manage the device files and applications.

2- Root your device and free the device from all the unused apps and files available on the device.

3- You can make your device safer by removing all types of Trojan files and all the viruses in the device by rooting your device.

4- After you root your Samsung S6, you can install many better games on your smartphone with all kinds of useful apps.

5 – Make your device’s performance even better.

6- After rooting, you can also install custom ROM and a customized user interface in the device.

7- After rooting the device, you can also easily block ads appearing in apps and games.

Disadvantages of rooting Root Samsung S6.

1-The biggest disadvantage of rooting is that you lose the warranty of your device.

2-If you make a mistake while rooting Root Samsung S6, then your device may get brick.

3-The security risk of the device increases once it is root.


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