How To Root Samsung Galaxy S8?

Root Samsung Galaxy S8 2022:- Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the best smartphones launched in 2017. Which offers completely satisfactory performance to the user with 4GB of RAM and an Octa-core Snapdragon 835 processor,

This smartphone is an ideal phone for people who use a large number of applications along with a fondness for games.

Despite all these features, the phone manufacturer has set a certain limit on the usage of the phone. Apart from this, users cannot use their phones. But in today’s time, such technology is available. Using which the user phone can enjoy many additional features. For this, the user has to root his phone.

If you also Root Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 9, then you can easily access many additional features of the phone by unlocking the infinite features of the phone.

If you are also looking for a better way to root your phone, then feel free to follow the guide below to root your Samsung Galaxy S8 easily. All the guidelines available here make the process of rooting your device easy.


Let us tell you that the guidelines mentioned here are only for rooting the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. You are advised not to try this guide to root any other model or phone. Please follow and study this complete guide carefully. Any kind of mistake can cause your phone to shut down in boot mode. So we will not be responsible for any kind of damage to your device.

Why Should I Root My Samsung Galaxy S8?

Root Samsung Galaxy S8

If you are also a Samsung Galaxy S8 user and want to get full control over your phone then the only solution is to root Samsung Galaxy S8. Simply put, you can root your Galaxy S8 to make it a super administrator. Which will be completely different from the normal phone

However, the phone manufacturer inbuilt much unusable software in your phone. Which you can easily remove by rooting the phone. Let us tell you that after you Samsung Galaxy S8, you will be able to:

  • After rooting you can easily increase the overall performance of your Samsung Galaxy S8 by overclocking the CPU.
  • Make your Samsung Galaxy S8 battery life even better.
  • Easily install/uninstall all kinds of specified and essential apps
  • Personalize your Samsung Galaxy S8 easily with the ROMs you choose.
  • And Many More
Useful Guide To Root Samsung:-

What To Do Before Root Samsung Galaxy S8?

Before starting the rooting process on the Samsung Galaxy S8, you need to go through a significant series of preliminary steps. All these steps play a vital role in making the rooting process on Android successful as well as in the security of the phone. Let’s take a quick look at these steps.

1:- Back Up All The Important Files On Your Phone.

Before rooting the Samsung S8, it is very important to back up all the important files on your device to keep your data safe from any errors while rooting the phone.

2:- Keep The Phone Battery Level At Least 50% To 80%.

Rooting is a process that takes some time to finish. In this case, your device will remain on till the rooting process is completed. So that the rooting process can be made a complete success.

3:- Disable Fast Boot On Your Phone.

You can easily do this by going to your device’s Settings > Battery.

4:Make Sure Internet Connection Is Available On The Phone If Possible Connect The Device To Wifi.

A good internet connection is required when Galaxy S8 Rooting. Since the rooting process takes place only in the presence of the Internet, you should make sure that your WiFi is on and available at all times.

5:- Allow Installation Of Apps From An Unknown Source On The Device.

To Samsung Galaxy S8 Root, you need to have the rooting app installed on your Samsung. Or rooting your device using other rooting resources. Therefore, you should disable the “Third Party” option given in your device’s settings. On Samsung S8 go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S8 With PC?

Rooting Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 7.0) Using KingRoot on Windows (PC Version)If you want to root your smartphone using a PC then you must have a computer or laptop. Using which you can easily root your Galaxy S8. Follow the steps given below to root Galaxy S8 using PC:-

METHOD:- 1. How To Root Galaxy S8 Using Kingo Root?

Step 1: Download and install Kingorot Android (PC Version) on PC.

As we all know KingoRoot offers the best one-click Android root software for free. You can download it on your PC from the link given here. After the download process is complete, install Kingo Root on the PC.

Step 2: Launch Kingo Root on PC.

After the app PC is installed, it appears to you in the form of an icon. Launch it by double-clicking on this icon of Kingo Root. You will see it as shown in the picture below.

Launch Kingo Root on PC With Root Samsung Galaxy S8

Step 3: Now plug your Galaxy S8 into your computer via USB cable.

Let us tell you that the special thing about which app is that if the USB driver of your smartphone is not installed on your computer, then Kingo Root automatically installs it easily. You have to make sure that your PC has an internet connection available.

Now plug your Galaxy S8 Root

If you are using Windows 8 on your PC, you may need to change some settings on your PC. In this, you have to fix the driver installation looping.

Step 4: Now enable USB debugging mode on your Samsung Galaxy s8.

Let us tell you that enabling USB debugging mode in the Android rooting process is one of the most essential steps in the rooting process. Which you can see in the picture below.

 USB debugging mode on your Samsung Galaxy s8.

Step 5: Read the notification on your smartphone carefully.

Rooting the Galaxy S8 is no big deal. Before rooting your device, first, read the notification that appears on the screen. Which is very important for your phone.

Read the notification on your smartphone carefully Rooting the Galaxy S8

Step 6: Click on the “Root” button.

With Kingo Root you can easily Root Samsung Galaxy S8. It will take you few minutes. Click on the “Root” button you see on the screen. Your device may be rebooted multiple times during the root process. Don’t worry, after the rooting process is over, your phone restarts normally.

Kingo Root you can easily root your Samsung Galaxy S8

Note:- Do not touch, move, unplug or do any operation on your phone during the rooting process.

Step 7: Root is successful.

After the rooting process is completely completed, a “Root Successful” message is displayed on your screen. Now you can proceed to the next rooting step.

Root is successful on Samsung Galaxy S8

Step 8: Check the root status of your Galaxy s8.

You will be able to install an app named “SuperUser” on your device only after successful rooting. Which denotes the root status of your device.

METHOD:- 2. How To Root Galaxy S8 Using Magisk?

How To Root Galaxy S8 Using Magisk?

You can easily use Magisk to root Samsung Galaxy S8 via your PC. For this, you have to follow the guidelines mentioned here.

1. First of all, you have to download TWRP recovery on your device using this given link.


2. Once it is downloaded to your device, you can transfer the .img file to the C:\adb folder on your desktop.

3. Now hold down “SHIFT” on the keyboard of the PC, and “right-click” anywhere on the empty space of the ADB folder that appears.

4. Select Open PowerShell Window in the options menu that appears here.

5. Now you have to boot your Galaxy S8 in fast boot mode.

  • Switch off your phone.
  • After the phone is turned off, put your device in boot mode.
    call for Press and hold Volume Down + Power button.

6. Now by using a USB cable connect your Galaxy S8 to your PC while in boot mode and run the Odin Flash Tool already installed on the PC.

7. This is what you see on the screen of the Odin tool, click on ‘AP’ and select TWRP recovery and proceed.

8. Click on the ‘Start’ button to install TWRP recovery on your Galaxy S8.

9. You get a message after TWRP is installed.

10. Now, all you have to do is to boot the device into TWRP recovery by pressing VOLUME UP, + BIXBY KEY, + POWER BUTTON on your phone.

11. Once you have entered your phone’s TWRP home screen, here you go to ‘Wipe’ > ‘Format Data’. And finally, here you have to type “YES” to confirm the process.

13. Finally, go back and tap on the ‘reboot system’ button, where your rooting process is completed.

By following the above steps, you can easily root your smartphone using Magisk on your PC.

METHOD:- 3. How To Root Galaxy S8 Using CF Auto Root And Odin? 

How To Root Galaxy S8 Using CF Auto Root And Odin? 

This is the third and last method in which you will root your Galaxy S6 with a PC key using Cf auto root and Odin. For this, you have to follow some simple guidelines given below.

Root Samsung Galaxy S8 With Odin And CF Auto Root:-

1- First of all you have to download and install the Odin tool on your PC. You can easily download it from this link. [Downlod Odin]

2- When you have downloaded Odin, you have to download CF-Auto-Root. It detects the files on your phone that correspond to the modal number of your phone.

3- Now you have to completely turn off your smartphone. And convert the phone into download mode. For this, you have to press and hold the Power button + Volume Down + Power button for 5 seconds. In download mode, your phone screen turns completely blue.

4- Connect your phone to your PC. But first of all able (USB dubbing mode) in your phone.

5- Now you have to open Odin on your PC and click on “AP” appearing on the screen. Proceeding in this step, select the file in the received CF Auto Root.

6- Click “Start” to start the rooting process. Wait for some time. Because the whole process may take a few minutes to complete.

7- When the rooting process is completely finished, your smartphone will reboot automatically. this much only.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of rooting on your phone


Friends, this article completes your knowledge related to Samsung Galaxy S8 Root. This article focuses on all the points related to Galaxy S8 Root. So that you will get more and more information.

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