How To Root Android Phone Without PC?

How To Root Android Phone Without PC in 2022:- As we all know, because of the many better features in Android smartphones, today it is most commonly used by the user. But Android developers have set some limitations on using Android, beyond the limits Android users cannot use their smartphones.

Friends, let me tell you that Android rooting is an ideal way to get more control over your smartphone, through which you can open endless possibilities of Android and make your smartphone better than before.

If you are also an Android user and want to unlock the unknown possibilities of your smartphone, then you can adopt the rooting process on your android.

Let me tell you that there is also some risk in rooting the Android device. Therefore, it becomes very important for the user to keep some special precautions in mind while rooting his smartphone.

If you have decided to root your device then you should study the Rooting guidelines given on this web page. With which you will be able to root your smartphone without any risk.

What is Rooting?

What is Rooting?

Friends, if you also use an Android smartphone. And you want to modify the device by rooting the Android device. So you can adopt the Android rooting process, but you must first know what is Android rooting.

As we all know, we are able to use our smartphones only to a certain limit. Android rooting is the process through which an Android user can make any changes to their device.

Rooting is often done on Android with the goal of overcoming the limitations that are confined to the user by the Android manufacturer.

These applications and settings are easily changed by applying the rooting process to the Android system. And thus any apps or games present in the device can be easily removed and any new Apps can be easily installed on the device. Also, Android users can also install custom ROM on the device.

Now the question arises of how to complete the rooting process successfully on the device. So let us tell you that you should study the guidelines given in this title. So that you can take your device to a different level

How To Root Android Phone Without PC

How To Root Android Phone Without PC

Android users need to take care of some specific things before rooting their device. Users should study the below guidelines before rooting their Android. The below available guidelines are displayed according to all the criteria for rooting Android.

What do you have to do before rooting Android without a computer?

Before rooting your smart device, you have to take care of some important things.
In which:-

  1.  Your smartphone is fully charged.
  2.  You take a backup of the data present in your device.
  3.  Verify the model number of your mobile.
  4.  Enable Unknown Sources

5 – Best Apps To Root Android Without a Computer

After following the above guidelines, you will have to choose a better rooting app to root your Android as you proceed. You can install any of the below Android rooting apps on your device.


Top 5 Ways To Root Android Without PC / Computer | in 2021

  • Method 1:- Using KingRoot Apk

You can use KingRoot to root your smartphone without a PC. This is a better Android rooting app. Which is developed by China.

When you root your Android through it, the presence of the Internet in the device becomes important during the rooting process. You can download it directly from the download link given here on your device.

And also you can root your Android by following the procedure given below.

1.- Download And Install Kingroot

Kingroot Latest Version

You can download and install the APK file of Kingroot from the download link given on this web page on your Android.

Along with rooting your device, this app also checks your device whether you have root access before or not.

2.- Lanch Kingroot App

After the app is downloaded and installed, it appears as an icon on your smartphone. Now you can proceed to root your device.

3.- Check Root

Moving on, you open this app which is visible on the home screen of your phone. The Start Root button appears in the app’s interface. You can proceed by clicking on it. Also, you can see here whether your device is supported for a root or not.

One Click Root With Kingroot

4.- Start Rooting

You proceeded to root Android by clicking the root button that appears in the app’s interface. It may take some time for the device to be rooted and to complete the rooting process. During this time do not do any kind of work on the device. Because doing so is likely to block the rooting process.

  • Method 2:- FramaRoot Apk

You can also use Framaroot Apk to root your Android, it is the most effective and popular Android rooting application in today’s time.

This app is a clean rooting app for Android. Which has been tested on hundreds of Android devices.

Let me tell you that this app can root your device in a few seconds. Also, you can easily unroot your device using them using this app.

1.- Download Framroot Apk

Framaroot Apk

Download the Framaroot app on your Android. This is a third-party app. Therefore, you cannot download it from the Google Play Store. You can install this app on your device from the download link given here.

2.- Find the File and Install App

Open the app’s file manager on your Android device and install the app on your smartphone by following some easy guidelines.

3.- Open Framaroot And Install SuperSU

Framaroot Install SuperSU

After installing the app on Android, click on the icon shown on the home screen and open it. And proceed by selecting “Install SuperSU” from the drop-down menu that appears at the top.

4.- Success Root 

Now after the proceeding, after selecting the options that support your device, you get a message in the popup as a result.

Your device has been successfully rooted Now you can reboot your smartphone. And take advantage of many features in a rooted device.

  • Method 3:- Towelroot APK 

Towelroot APK A better alternative to root Android device. Using this, any Android user can very easily root their Android device in a few seconds.

It is a standalone app that works independently on Android devices. And you can root your device in one click without a PC.

The Towelroot rooting app has been developed by the GeoHot developer. The main purpose of developing this app is to overcome the drawbacks of Android.

1.- Download Towelroot Apk

Towelroot Apk 2021

Towelroot APK is one of the best one-click rooting tools for Android. Using this, you can root your device without PC connectivity.

But let us tell you that this APK is not officially available on Google Play Store due to a violation of policy and guidelines. But you can easily install this app on your smartphone easily from the download link given on this web page.

2.- Install Apk

The APK file of the app is downloaded to your Android device in a short time interval. Now you can proceed to install this APK file on your device.

After completing some common procedures, install this app on your device. After the installation process is complete, its icon appears on the screen of your device.

Now you are free to root your smart device with Towelroot.

3.- Root Android With Towelroot

Towelroot root android

One does not have to go through any complicated process to root any Android smartphone using this app, just the user has to follow the general guidelines.

Note:- Make sure that you have a good knowledge of the rooting process. Also, before rooting, first backup the existing data in your device.

You have to open this app on your device. Click the “Make it R1n” or “Make in Root” button on the home screen of the app. Click on it.

After clicking, you have to wait for some time. After some time, your device gets rooted in no time.

  • Method 4:- Root Genius APK

You can unlock all the features of your Android using Root Genius APK. You can easily remove the restrictions imposed on your Android by Android manufacturers with the help of this application.

You can improve your Android manifold by installing the Root Genius App on your device and unlocking all the features of your smart device.

This provides a very secure and successful rooting process for Android. You can easily root your Android without a PC with the help of this app.

1.- Download Root Genius Apk

Root Genius Apk

RootGenius 3.1.7 Apk is an effective rooting application for rooting Android devices, Although this app was developed in China. So this app is available in the Chinese language. But you can download the Root Genius app English version from the link given here on your device.

2.- Install Apk

  • After the download process is complete, proceed to install the RootGenius app.
  • Disable unknown sources in the available settings on your device before installing them on the device.
  • This application installs on the device in no time.
  • After installation, its icon will now appear on the screen of your device.
  • Now open this app on the device. And proceed to root your device.

Root Android With Root Genius

  • Click on the icon of this app that appears on the home screen of your Android device and open it on the device.
  • Open the app >> tap the green button that appears
  • Click on the Root button and wait for 5 minutes until the device is rooted.
  • Finally, you will see that your device is rooted

This rooting app provides a very secure and successful rooting process for Android smartphones. You can easily root your Android without a PC with the help of this app.

Method 5:- iRoot Apk

The iRoot application is a one-click rooting application. Android users can avail many additional features of Android by using this app on their device.

Friends, let me tell you that sometimes while rooting Android, the warranty given by the device company is void. So you have to root your device only when you know what you are doing.

IRoot for Android provides an advanced and secure rooting process.

1.- Download iRoot Apk

iRoot Apk Latest Version 2020

If you make sure to download this app on your Android device, then you click on the download link on this page. And you can proceed to install the app by downloading the iRoot APK file on your device.

2.- Install Apk

After downloading the app, you can proceed to install iRoot on Android. For this, you have to follow some easy guidelines.

  • First of all, open Settings> Security Settings on your device.
  • Now scroll down to the admin on your device.
  • Now in the Settings Mobile Settings -> Security -> Device Administration section. Enable the “unknown source” given here.
  • Click on the link for this app in your device’s download folder.
  • You install the iRoot app on the device.
  • Now open the app and reboot.
  • You get the iRoot application on your device in no time.
  • Now you can use this app to root your device.

Root Android With iRoot Apk

You can root any Android device very easily with the help of this app, moving to the next stage of the rooting process. However, there are still many users today who are very confused about the rooting process. But you can easily root your device by following some guidelines given below.

  • After downloading and installing iRoot APK on your Android device, you proceed to root the device.
  •  Open the app by clicking on the icon of this app which appears on the home page of your device.
  • Click on the rooting tool that appears on the app’s home page and clicks on the “Get Access” button.
  • Now the process of rooting in Android devices starts.
  • The rooting process takes some time to complete. However, once this is completed the Android device reboots.

Once you root your device, you can check the root status of your Android device using the Root Checker Pro App.


When you root your smartphone without a PC using the given rooting app. So now you can enjoy them by installing beautiful themes on your Android as well as installing many better apps and games on Android.

Once your Android is rooted. So you can get easy access to many new features and many restrictions Apps.

You can use any of these trusted apps to root your device. You can study our website to get more information related to rooting.

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